Wipro releases Enterprise Mobility Market Research Report on current market trends and future growth

March 4, 2012

Wipro Technologies, the Global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), today released a research report describing how the communications industry can capitalize on opportunities in the high-growth enterprise mobility market. The report, “Winning the Enterprise Mobility Opportunity: Know your customers, or lose them,” is based on interviews with 164 senior business and IT executives who are leading the development and adoption of enterprise mobility solutions within their organizations.

Wipro’s primary research revealed that businesses are set to accrue significant benefits from enterprise mobility including sales growth, operational efficiency gains, and heightened employee productivity.

“Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Telecom Equipment Vendors (TEVs) must move out of their comfort zone – the communications layer – and delve into the provision of enterprise mobility applications that solve the complex business problems faced by their clients,” explained Ayan Mukerji, the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Wipro Technologies’ Media and Telecom Strategic Business Unit.

The report puts forth the perspective that CSPs and TEVs must construct an integrated product development, marketing, and sales strategy that leverages their innate strengths and sets them apart from likely competitors. The three key insights from the survey that CSPs and TEVs can employ to differentiate themselves from competitors include:

Network controls for data security. 70 percent of the survey respondents described security as an above average barrier to the adoption of mobility solutions.
Network ownership to guarantee quality-of-service. Latency and downtime, while generally accepted in the consumer market, will not be acceptable for mission critical enterprise solutions.
Vertical industry breadth. The communication industry’s presence across every business vertical leaves it well-positioned to sell and deliver industry-tailored mobility solutions.

Given the stunning business benefits projected by the survey participants, the Wipro report projects that widespread adoption of enterprise mobility solutions is inevitable. Enterprise mobility is such a critical investment area that if the communications industry fails to improve its market alignment of appropriate solutions, it will be left behind by competitors with deeper experience and brand recognition in enterprise mobility applications.

The complete research report can be accessed at:

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