Wipro launches cloud based healthcare management in Force.com

March 20, 2012

Wipro Technologies announced the launch of its NextGen Care Management solution for the US healthcare market, specifically aimed at primary care physicians and healthcare providers. The objectives of the Wipro solution are aligned with the United States’ Medical Home and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program to enable personalized, affordable and quality care. Wipro’s NextGen Care Management solution enables physicians to drive patient participation in devising a personalized care plan with defined care goals, treatment plan and health improvement activities.

Wipro’s application is built on Force.com, salesforce.com’s social enterprise platform for employee facing social apps and, is uniquely positioned as a cloud based care management services and adopts the core principles of patient centricity, coordinated healthcare, interoperability, mobility, and outcome to better manage chronic, post-acute and elderly patient population.

General physicians and specialists can now experience continuity of information through a longitudinal view of patient’s medical history, assessment and clinical reports. Primary care physicians and specialists can also form Medical Care panels, online, to be deeply engaged with the patients to maintain long term relationships and facilitate care across the continuum.

The built-in collaboration platform in the solution uses tools such as sms, chat, alerts, reminders, activity workflows and helps in reducing cost by avoiding treatment overlaps, multiple clinical tests or hospitalization. The solution’s compatibility with devices such as Smartphones, Tablet PCs and integration with remote patient monitoring devices ensure access to patient medical records at the point of care, for proactive and preventive care delivery. Wipro’s solution provides performance analytics to help in developing an outcome driven and quality focused healthcare culture.

With the Obama Care act expanding healthcare coverage to an additional 32 million Americans, healthcare payers (insurance companies) and providers have to manage a huge influx of new members – an 81% growth, into the system. As a result, the payers and providers will need to go through a major IT transformation, through annual IT investments worth USD 3-5 billion, to handle this massive change and in order to provide high quality, affordable healthcare.

According to Vikash Jain, Partner, Everest Group, an independent advisory and research firm on global services, “An integrated solution for care management addresses a key need of the players who are trying to proactively and aggressively address the ‘cost of care’ issue. In addition the cloud based proposition is very compelling given the advantages of rapid and low cost deployment, pay as you go models. This solution combines a key business need of the Payers and with the emerging next generation models that clients are looking for and should create significant interest.”

Mohd Haque, Vice President, Healthcare Vertical, Wipro Technologies said “The burgeoning concept of patient centric care management is encouraging healthcare organizations to adapt innovations in managing chronic diseases, treating remotely, helping people to live longer. Wipro’s solution is capable of transforming the current reactive, episodic, fragmented care delivery system into a foundation of partnership between payer, provider and patient to co-manage, monitor and measure delivery of care. Wipro is heavily investing in patient centric solutions, remote healthcare and ACO (Accountable Care Organizations) platforms that provide technology solutions for creating next generation care management.”

Wipro has a comprehensive presence in the Healthcare Industry across payers, providers, healthcare distribution, healthcare services, e-health and government-funded programs.