Wipro gets US patent for its Business Process Framework in Automotive Sector

March 12, 2012

Wipro Technologies, has been granted a patent for innovation in the automotive manufacturing sector by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent termed as Wipro’s ‘Warranty Insight Solution Framework System and Method’ was filed by Wipro’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (USPTO Application # 11/927712) and is among those granted to Wipro in the area of ‘Business Process Frameworks’. The patent is for a unique methodology that helps gain insights from product breakdowns, which help in improving product design and manufacturing processes, in the automotive manufacturing sector.

Organizations are looking to enhance the warranty period of their products as longer warranty duration is an indicator of the manufacturer’s faith in the quality and reliability of their products. Based on this insight, Wipro’s Automotive Centre of Excellence has developed a solution framework called Wipro Solution for Quality Transformation (WiQTr).

According to an IDC Manufacturing Insights announcement in March 2011,- “Warranty claims represent a USD 23 billion dollar opportunity in the United States alone, and companies with lower maturity wrestle with how best to manage this ‘necessary evil’ that impacts almost every part of their operation. At the other end of the spectrum, ‘warranty warrior’ organizations are proactively utilizing warranty data to make better products, lower costs, and bolster customer loyalty.” Wipro’s ‘Warranty Insight Solution Framework System and Method’ provides it an opportunity which can help address the current needs which exist in warranty management.

NS Bala, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing & Hi-Tech Business Unit, Wipro Technologies, said, “The approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our Warranty methodology reaffirms our commitment towards fostering a culture of customer centric innovation at Wipro and making investments to sustain the same. The methodology will serve as a constructive platform for manufacturers to gain critical insights on product design and resolve problems in a systematic and accurate manner. Furthermore, this platform will help OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) extend the warranty period and also price the warranty coverage better, thereby resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.”

Customers will receive multiple benefits from this framework, through which the cause of failure can be pre-empted and the resolution of customer issues at the dealer level can be achieved more efficiently. This will enable dealers to proactively provide solutions, recover corresponding expenses, increase sales and enhance dealer satisfaction.