New Trends In Software Development

May 5, 2011

Some new trends have been reported in outsourcing. Software development firms are now transforming into IT outsourcing firms in order to cut costs and to enter the mainstream of talent.

Additionally, cloud computing enable for outsourcing firms to outsource infrastructure.  Moreover, outsourcing is gaining speed where employees are able to communicate well with customers.

Another transformation in the outsourcing industry is the shift of outsourcing work to Latin America. In the last 19 to 20 years, countries in Latin America have been growing economically, and is becoming more appealing to foreign investment. Since most of the outsourcing business is geographically independent, this enables contact centers to be shifted to regions like Latin American without cost differences. At the same time, some companies are moving to the region to cut costs.

Experts say that cloud computing is yet another factor that will affect outsourcing. The cloud network enables users to access the application from just about any part of the world. In fact, it is of great advantage to outsourcing. Some analysts say that it might decrease the need for IT. It can also reduce the need for these projects to be outsourced.

Cloud computing is bound to make a huge impact on the IT sector, because there are so many opportunities and innovative business models  linked to it. Similarly, it is also a significant advancement for the IT sector. At any rate, the basis for cloud computing is supposed to evolve gradually.

When outsourcing projects related to software development, it is better to seek advice of experts before committing to a service provider. Most experts say that the cost of a mistake would be much greater than what qualified advice may cost.

When a company has made a decision on outsourcing, then it has to chart out results based on extrapolation.


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