Traffic Jams are Good for RPO

April 20, 2010

My daily commute to Pinstripe is about 18 miles each way.  Last week while driving into work, I got stuck in a major traffic jam. It wasn’t due to severe weather or an unfortunate accident. It was just because there were lots of cars commuting to work. The highway was simply congested with vehicles.
I was sitting on Interstate 94 West (by the Petit National Ice Center) with nothing but my lukewarm coffee in my cup holder and NPR on the radio. I had lots of work waiting for me at the office and if things didn’t get moving soon I was going to be late or miss my 1st meeting of the day.

traffic jam and RPO
As nothing was happening, I began to get more and more aggravated.  I was wasting so much valuable time. Time that could be spent selling Recruitment Process Outsourcing  to people truly in need of our services.  My daily mission and routine was being interrupted. It seemed all I could do was look at the unwashed Quadruple A Plumbing van directly in front of me and wait impatiently for something to happen.

And then, if by some divine intervention it happened. The topic on NPR turned to traffic. No, it was not a traffic report. Instead it was a discussion about why we need to appreciate traffic. The premise of the story was that traffic is a sign of economic recovery.  If people are working, then they are commuting. If they are commuting, then there is going to be more traffic and traffic jams. If you go somewhere at 8 AM and there is no traffic, then there are probably no jobs either.

So, if traffic equals more jobs and more jobs means more hiring and more hiring means RPO companies will be in greater demand, then one can deduce that traffic is good for RPO.

Instantly all my angry and frustration dissipated. I was happy once again. I picked up my cell phone, dialed Quadruple A plumbing, and scheduled a service call to fix my leaky tub faucet.


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