The top BPO cities of the world

January 8, 2011

The BPO industry is a dynamic and ever churning one, and the prolonged economic recession made that even truer. Outsourcers are constantly on the lookout trying to get more value for their customers and that has often involved outsourcing to newer destinations. In light of the above the BPO hotspots too have a new ranking order that looks something like this in terms of cities which are centers of BPO excellence.

Bangalore continues to top the list with its pool of highly trained man power and good delivery track record, as also the cost effectiveness. So the threat to Buffalo persists! This perhaps explains why Bangalore gained its formidable reputation in the first place. The city simply knows the BPO business like no other city.

The top BPO cities of the world
Bombay the financial capital of India which has a vast and highly trained workforce has inched its way to the second top spot. It is not surprising considering it employs a whopping 60000 people in the BPO sector.

The National Capital Region of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida is the third Indian power house and is extremely proficient in finance and accounting, product development, engineering services and customer interface in English. A huge amount of investment has been made in infrastructure by myriad Indian and foreign companies and that shows in its ranking.

Much has been said and written about the Philippines emerging as a major BPO destination and sure enough Manila finds its place among the top BPO cities. What works for it is its English speaking people’s cultural ties with the US, as also the fact that its workforce tends to be well educated and disciplined.

The South India coastal city of Chennai too is making waves as a city with an emerging BPO work ethic. It happens to be a major software exporter, and its good telecom infrastructure and highly competent work force give the city a cost advantage over other centers. Another South Indian City making waves is Hyderabad which has earned its spurs as a leading IT and IT enabled destination. It again has a pool of highly trained manpower, as also a good delivery track-record.

Dublin the capital of Ireland, which sent its sons and daughters to settle in the new world, has today emerged as a major BPO destination catering to the requirements of the descendants of those early settlers. What works for Dublin is its European pedigree which enables it to get Foreign Direct Investment from European countries as also the fact that it is exemplary in so far as high end shared services go.

Thus we see that in recent times BPOs have become a more global phenomenon, contrary to the image of it being India’s exclusive preserve. What outsourcers are looking for is skills, deliverability, and economy and they will do business with whichever city provides them with this. Newer destinations will surely emerge, as more and more cities realize the economic opportunity that outsourcing provides, and ramp up their infrastructure and capabilities accordingly. Truly BPOs are a global phenomenon now.


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  2. CAD-Sourcing on January 12th, 2011 2:47 pm

    Timely article; my partner and I happen to be relying on the Philippines for outsourcing of various engineering services, CAD work and such. It’s a win-win – very high quality engineers delivering great work; meantime he’s a P.E. in the US who can confirm that the customer is getting exactly what they want – at a fraction of the cost!

  3. bradwilliam on January 21st, 2011 12:55 pm

    Trivandrum’s BPO industry has evolved and matured to present higher-end services that require judgment-based analysis and domain expertise, rather than function-specific, rules-based performance parameters alone. As service providers strive to offer end-to-end services, we see BPO falling into different segments. At one end of the spectrum is the traditional rules-based transactional outsourcing; while at the other end is judgment-based transaction processing and full-service business process outsourcing.

    Trivandrum has won its spurs as the world’s outsourcing destination of choice. Currently the country has a commanding share of the global outsourcing market.
    Trivandrum is undoubtedly the most favored IT/BPO destination of the world. This raises the question why most of the big MNCs are interested in outsourcing their operations to BPOs in India. The answer is very simple- India is home to large and skilled human resources. Trivandrum has inherent strengths, which have made it a major success as an outsourcing destination. Trivandrum produces the largest number of graduates in the world. The name of Trivandrum has become synonymous with that of BPOs and IT industry hence the name BPO India.

    Besides being technically sound, the work force is proficient in English and work at lower wages in comparison to other developed countries of the world. Trivandrum also has a distinct advantage of being in a different time zone that gives it flexibility in working hours. All these factors make the Trivandrum BPOs more efficient and cost effective. In order to meet the growing international demand for lucrative, customer-interaction centers, many organizations worldwide are looking to BPO Trivandrum.

    A subset of outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves contracting the operations and responsibilities through a third party service provider. From the last couple of years, the BPO industry has evolved as the most substantial sector in the Trivandrum market. Trivandrum has emerged as the most favored location for all Bpo services across the globe. This has accelerated the Indian economy to the heights, progressively boosting the statistics depicting the growth in the years to come and it has been however forecasted that by 2020, more than 80% of the world of business process outsourcing services will be served by the Indian companies. Marked as the best place to attain superior quality services globally, the BPO industry is strengthening its foundation in India.

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