Top 10 RPO Poroviders

top 10 RPO pdf

1. Introduction

The origins of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) date back to the 1970s when firms in Silicon Valley began to realize the benefits of outsourcing the ownership of some or all of their recruitment processes as a way to save money on external recruiting agency fees in a tight labor market. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s when the overall concept behind RPO began to gain favor among human resource practitioners and move beyond simple list creation services to become an end-to-end talent acquisition and management solution. This led to a proliferation of small and medium sized vendors offering RPO type services along with large-scale operations who sought to build global footprints.

However, the severity of the global recession, which has sent unemployment rates in many countries to levels not seen in decades, has in turn impacted the RPO industry. In fact, many small or medium sized RPO vendors who have managed to survive the global downturn may be acquired by bigger RPO players as labor markets begin to thaw. Moreover and with unemployment and underemployment rates at record levels, companies who have already started hiring again are finding themselves overwhelmed by the number of applicants they must sift through – making the need for RPO services all the more greater.

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