The future of offshore outsourcing in the eyes of Sen. Obama

September 4, 2008

Now you are a bit worried about the attack made by Sen. Barack Obama on offshore outsourcing in his acceptance speech in the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night? Well, there are wide-spread rumors as to what might happen in the near future—for a long time, the offshore outsourcing industry has been awaiting silently a sort of trend change that could affect many people around the world—could it be this!

As per the words of Sen. Barack Obama, it is declared that he will stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. Though economists and legal advisors have commented that they are unaware of what tax is being talked about; however, the implications of any change that might come over, can affect many countries as America stands as one of the biggest offshore outsourcing country in the world.

US Election 2008  and Outsource

However, lots of specialists are saying that it is sort of misconception to think that American offshore outsourcing industry grows over the tax codes promoted by US government.

American companies outsource mainly to Asian countries like India and China—any break on offshore outsourcing may affect the economic growth of these two countries, as they depend heavily on this sector. However, though the proposed codes would give incentives to companies who would create jobs in the US itself, there is suspicion as to how many companies would like to consider this sweep of change in creating opportunities in different countries. Companies have to make sure that they get the required work-force in US, which is governed by Visa rules; otherwise, they will have to go wherever they get the required talent for their needs.


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