TCS partners with Singapore Management University

August 13, 2011

TCS, leading Indian outsource company partners with Singapore Management University (SMU) to create iCity lab at SMU. The new research lab will have facilities to perform research and development to create intelligent city model that will be used for urban development. As part of this partnership TCS, will invest S$6 million which will be used to provide scholarship to post-graduate students in information technology.

“TCS’ investment in this joint initiative with SMU strengthens our commitment to Singapore, which we see as a hub of innovation in Asia,” said Girija Pande, Chairman, TCS Asia Pacific. “Tomorrow’s cities will be specifically designed and built with a sophisticated IT backbone to enable integrated urban management, improved quality of life for citizens and inclusive economic, social and sustainable growth. The iCity will be useful for emerging economics like China and India to plan their urban city research and development.

“This partnership will use cloud technology with the relevant business know-how to create urban management IT solutions,” said Professor Steven Miller, Dean, School of Information Systems, SMU. “Through the iCity Lab, we will be partnering with surrounding urban centers across the region to change the IT hardware and software infrastructure of cities is going to be designed, built, integrated and managed in the future.”

The partnership combines TCS’ industry-leading IT services expertise and culture of innovation with SMU’s globally-recognized focus on research and education and for the world of business and management across both public and private sectors. Both TCS and SMU are known for their ability to integrate IT with business in ways that create innovative IT solutions that meet public and private sector management needs.

Apart from being an intelligent city research center, the iCity Lab will also be a digitally interactive user-experience center where city managers and planners from the urban areas of surrounding countries can come to visualize and interactively explore scenarios for transitioning to the new generation of cloud-based information service delivery. The lab will also serve government and commercial organizations via the rapid development and prototyping of intelligent city solutions in the context of real-world scenarios.

The iCity Lab will leverage TCS’ existing suite of urban IT applications, as well as its large global organization and partner ecosystem. The lab will also carry out R&D and solution development in the areas of cloud platforms and software solutions; mobile applications; business analytics combined with consumer, citizen and social analytics; the Internet-of-Things; and in the areas of business models for developing, scaling and operating cloud-based iCity solution platforms.

Strategically located in Singapore, a country recognized for leveraging leading edge technology solutions for e-governance and urban management, the TCS-SMU iCity Lab is well positioned to be a regional hub for the development of intelligent city IT architecture and solutions. The lab will work together with selected partnering cities in China, India and other rapidly developing ASEAN countries to create urban management solutions. The outputs of the joint TCS-SMU effort will be used to create holistic solutions and transition frameworks, service-related process models and working prototypes of new cloud-based IT service delivery solutions to deliver city services for healthcare, education, utilities, environmental management, transport, public safety and security, together with related G2C & G2B, and citizen social media services.


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