Philippines suffers from Leadership issues in BPO industry
September 18, 2008

BPO industry all over the world is struggling to sustain the demand of quality workforce both in executive and managerial sector. BPO giants like India and Philippines are struggling to produce the managers that can give a sustainable lead to this industry and can also withstand the demands of the growth. In this issue, a report published by a firm, Development Dimensions International (DDI), gives an insight as to what Philippines is feeling: the report states that local BPO industry in Philippines has leadership issues.

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Legal outsourcing becoming a compelling need
September 12, 2008

What is the need of outsourcing—cutting costs involved in various business processes? Yes, it is true. The need of outsourcing is felt almost in all business processes and law related processes are also coming in its fold. Legal outsourcing is trying to become what everything else did—launch its potential to international market and reduce the involved costs.

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