How the Philippines overtook India in call centers
January 19, 2011

Recently and according to various reports and industry experts, the Philippines “officially” overtook India in call centers and voice related work. In fact and in a December 2010 article in Business Week, the Everest Group estimated that the Philippines will have pocketed US$5.7 billion in 2010 for call center work from the US, Europe and Australia verses US$5.5 billion for India’s call centers (although India still leads in overall outsourcing revenue at an estimated US$70 billion verses US$9 billion for the Philippines) while according to IBM’s latest Global Locations Trend Annual Report, the Philippines is now the world leader in business support functions like shared services and BPO with India ranked as number two for the first time. Interestingly enough, the IBM report also noted that Sri Lanka was another Asian country that was succeeding in positioning itself as an alternative outsourcing destination to India.  Read more

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Outsourcing Strategies – Not One-Way Business Solution
May 21, 2010

It might be a foregone conclusion is that outsourcing is in vogue for businesses wanting to move up in a complicated corporate world. But there are many proponents of outsourcing who say that it does not mean there’s one site fits all kind of a policy when it comes to spinning off projects to faraway destinations. Read more

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Stock Valuations of IT Outsourcing Firms Up
March 13, 2010

The Information Technology business in India has been making progress at a rapid pace converting cost benefits and technical superiority into swelling revenues for the last ten years. Although share prices of these IT firms have dwindled amid the recession phase, they are rebounding as a recovery takes form in developing markets. Read more

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Why are Indians (and Filipinos) better at providing services rather than at making good IT products?
February 3, 2010

Recently Sachin Dabir, a Senior Manager at Red Hat Asia Pacific, posed an interesting question on his blog where he asked (and answered) why Indians are good at coming up with IT solutions and services, but are lousy at making good IT products. To put things in context: Sachin first noted that over the past year, he has been meeting with software companies across the APAC region and from his meetings he has noted that these companies all have clients across the region and even as far away as Europe or the USA. Furthermore, he noted that these are small and medium sized companies with only 10 to 50 employees; and yet, all of them have managed to find buyers in other parts of the world who trust both the products and the companies themselves. Read more

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Outsourcing in 2010
January 31, 2010

The last decade saw outsourcing  come into its own as a global multibillion dollar industry that had the ability to turn around economies and arouse a great deal of passionate debate on its desirability or otherwise. As we hit the second decade of the new millennium, what are the challenges that this industry faces and what are the opportunities? Read more

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Expatriates abroad: Is it time to return home?
January 17, 2010

With unemployment hovering above 10% in the USA and even higher in many parts of Europe, the prospects for unemployed foreign professionals to find work in the West are looking bleak. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently noted that foreign based companies, especially those in Asia, are using the bleak employment picture in the USA to lure their country’s citizens back home. Read more

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Is geographic diversification a threat to the Philippines’ share of the global outsourcing market?
October 25, 2009

Last week, the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) held its first International Outsourcing Summit to discuss the issues, threats and opportunities emerging for the outsourcing industry in general and for the Philippines in particular. Read more

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India Vs Philippines: Outsourcing outlook
August 24, 2009

Whereas India is still considered to be the preeminent offshore outsourcing destination for IT services as well as in BPO, the Philippines has fast made a name for itself in providing offshore call center and BPO related services. In fact, few can argue that Filipinos, with their relatively neutral accents and better understanding of and affinity towards American culture, aren’t at least better at providing voice related work. Hence, the global economic crisis is affecting the outlook in both countries differently. Read more

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The Philippines: India’s outsourcing step child
May 31, 2009

The Philippines, with is 90 million plus people at home and a growing Diaspora abroad, has long marketed itself as the third largest English speaking country in the world and as an alternative location to India in the world of outsourcing – especially in voice related work (See the May 30, 2009 Wall Street Journal article entitled: Philippine Call Centers Ring Up Business). After all, even Indian based call centers will concede that the Philippines is a more attractive place to do voice related work as the Filipino accent is much easier on North American ears and bluntly speaking, Filipinos are simply better at being customer service representatives than Indians. Moreover, having been a former colony of the USA, there is a great affinity towards and understanding of American culture in the country. Read more

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High skilled IT and BPO jobs are going offshore
November 4, 2008

More and more companies are planning to send high skilled IT jobs like application development, project management to offshore locations. Recently Dallas based ACS announced that they are planning to send high skilled jobs to countries like India, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, and Guatemala. ACS has 35% of its workforce located in offshore and nearshore locations, it is planning to use the cost savings from outsourcing in marketing, sales, new product development etc.
Read more

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