Stock Valuations of IT Outsourcing Firms Up
March 13, 2010

The Information Technology business in India has been making progress at a rapid pace converting cost benefits and technical superiority into swelling revenues for the last ten years. Although share prices of these IT firms have dwindled amid the recession phase, they are rebounding as a recovery takes form in developing markets. Read more

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Rural Outsourcing Not About Anti-Globalization/Patriotism But Alternative To Offshoring
March 8, 2010

CEOs of some companies are now promoting outsourcing to rural areas in the U.S. as an alternative to offshoring. In addition, this is not about anti-globalization or generating nationalism to generate business. Read more

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Outsourcing by small companies
March 3, 2010

One would imagine that outsourcing is something that concerns only large corporations, who would have the resources necessary to be able to create infrastructure overseas, which could then be harnessed to reap enormous economies of scale. Well there is some truth in it, but small businesses too can reap the benefits of outsourcing by understanding that the benefits that accrue are substantial. Read more

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Wipro Wins Outsourcing Contract After Indian Bank Terminates Deal With Beleaguered Satyam
March 1, 2010

In a recent deal, Wipro has acquired a major contract from India’s Punjab and Sind Bank (PSB) for $21 million after ending an earlier agreement with Satyam Computer Services. Read more

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Zynga to Build Next Generation Offshore Center in Bangalore, Tap India Online Game Market
February 18, 2010

Social game provider, Zynga, has said it plans to expand its operations from its base in the U.S. to a center in India. Not surprising, since Bangalore, India heralds the title – the world’s outsourcing hub. Read more

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Will Obama’s proposed withdrawal of tax incentives to outsourcing companies impact India?
February 11, 2010

The Indian outsourcing industry does not seem to think so. As a matter of fact they are quite sanguine that it will be business as usual for Indian companies as they feel that US companies will continue to find outsourcing to India cheaper for their businesses. They are actually willing to concede that Obama may have had to resort to these measures more as a symbol of his solidarity with the people who have lost jobs in the current difficult times and also to shore up his slipping popularity ratings. Read more

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Backshoring-Reverse Globalization
February 8, 2010

In recent years, “backshoring” has occasionally been noticed by outsourcing observers (including us) and the media. However, backshoring may increasingly become the buzzword of the future as the global economic downturn is proving to be a game changer for outsourcing and globalization in general. In fact, here are some backshoring trends or statistics that have recently been mentioned by the media: Read more

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Rebound in Confidence Expected in Outsourcing Sector
January 26, 2010

Although most industries are expecting a slow recovery at best, reports suggest that the outsourcing sector is on the heels of a boom. In the upcoming months, the demand for outsourcing is likely to climb, say analysts. Read more

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Managing Teamwork – Key to Successful Offshore Operations
January 25, 2010

In the usual case, Western firms tend to offshore work that is easy and routine. Software support or call centers are good examples of this. The presumption is that the easier it is the more efficient the operation is likely to be. Read more

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India & innovation: Why hasn’t India produced an Apple, Google or Microsoft?
January 8, 2010

New York Times article recently made an interesting observation: While American and European workers worry about their jobs being outsourced to India, Indians are worried that their country will be more like “Scranton PA” rather than “Silicon Valley.” In other words they worry over the fact that while India has achieved phenomenal success in becoming the world’s back office, it has not quickly moved up the value chain into more lucrative work. So why hasn’t India itself produced an Apple, Google or Microsoft and can India actually innovate? Read more

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