Managing the Life Cycle of a Outsource Vendor Partnership
June 4, 2009

In my view, there are two distinct advantages with ensuring the longevity of a outsource vendor-client relationship, especially a long-distance one. Read more

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Don’t Want to Outsource? Try Homeshoring instead
December 21, 2008

This could actually be a win-all for all. As a halfway compromise between on and offsite development, homeshoring can be the next big survival option for the downturn. Read more

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Cost is not the only consideration in outsourcing
December 14, 2008

Offshore development has always been regarded as an effective strategy for organizations wanting to cut costs and/or remain focused on their core business values. The common management principle is that the stronger your core, the more opportunities you will have to move into other profitable ventures. The rationale behind outsourcing is thus to transfer all non-core activities to other vendors, who can perform those activities as well, if not better than the parent company. Read more

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