Egypt Offers Incentive Packages for Burgeoning Offshoring Industry
March 25, 2010

CAIRO – One of the emerging destinations in outsourcing is Egypt and its burgeoning offshoring sector is expected to generate $2 billion in revenues toward 2013. That figure is projected to climb to $10 billion in just a decade. The increase in outsourcing is assisted by planned incentives for foreign firms, according to an Egyptian government official. Read more

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Stock Valuations of IT Outsourcing Firms Up
March 13, 2010

The Information Technology business in India has been making progress at a rapid pace converting cost benefits and technical superiority into swelling revenues for the last ten years. Although share prices of these IT firms have dwindled amid the recession phase, they are rebounding as a recovery takes form in developing markets. Read more

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Rural Outsourcing Not About Anti-Globalization/Patriotism But Alternative To Offshoring
March 8, 2010

CEOs of some companies are now promoting outsourcing to rural areas in the U.S. as an alternative to offshoring. In addition, this is not about anti-globalization or generating nationalism to generate business. Read more

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India’s ITES/BPO Industry Turns to Domestic Market, New Geographies in Difficult Times
February 23, 2010

Although the U.S. market is still huge as far as outsourcing is concerned and Europe is an income generator for software outsourcing to India, the downturn in the global economy has made some waves in the domestic market and other new locations. Read more

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Managing Teamwork – Key to Successful Offshore Operations
January 25, 2010

In the usual case, Western firms tend to offshore work that is easy and routine. Software support or call centers are good examples of this. The presumption is that the easier it is the more efficient the operation is likely to be. Read more

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India’s true share in the offshoring pie
December 28, 2009

A Professor from the London School of Economics (LSE), Raja Mitra, who is a former World Bank executive has stirred a hornet’s nest with his suggestion that contrary to the hype generally created around India, the country’s share in the global offshore business is only 25%. The earlier McKinsey, NASSCOM, and Everest research estimate was 54%. Read more

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What and how to pay for Finance Accounting Outsourcing (FAO)?
December 16, 2009

Because the offshoring trend is still so new, buyers are in a fix determining how much to pay for what service. In this context, I read a very insightful article by Alexa Michael in Financial Management, that discussed among other things, how services are priced in the financial/insurance sector. Although some of his suggestions may be specific to the FAO industry, a bulk stands true for any kind of outsourcing. Read more

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Procurement Outsourcing Growing
December 2, 2009

Writing for International Trade Theory and Policy Steven M. Suranovic, said that the theory of comparative advantage in economics mandates that two countries will find it beneficial to trade with each other in items that they can and do produce at home, if the same can be produced more cost-effectively across the border! Read more

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Outsourcing transcends industries
November 30, 2009

It’s nobody’s case that outsourcing is an efficient, cost-saving market strategy that transcends industries, be it furniture-making reports that between 2000 to 2006, Chinese furniture imports to US have almost doubled from $17 to $30 billion, simply because they are 25% cheaper), lab testing , in-vitro fertilization (Against $80,000 in the US, surrogacy costs only $20,000 in India, according to Associated Press, December 30, 2007 report, outsourcing pregnancies to India. Read more

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If you can’t compete with them, why not join them?
June 18, 2009

Some years ago, I recall reading an intriguing article in Business week entitled Subcontinental Drift: More Westerners are beefing up their résumés with a stint in India. The gist of the article was that a new bred of expatriate worker, not the traditional Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or highly paid Westerners expatriate, were “chasing their jobs” to India and according to NASSCOM at the time, some 30,000 firangis or foreigners were already working for Indian technology and outsourcing companies – triple the number from 2004. Read more

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