Growth of Publishing BPO
May 18, 2009

Research and Markets has come out with a report that indicates that despite economic slowdown, offshore publishing industry is poised for some robust growth mainly in the Asian sub-continent (India, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka. Dubbing this region as the world’s publishing destination, the report estimates that the offshore pre-press services offered by these countries were worth $780 m as of 2008. Read more

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Offshore vs. Nearshore
September 26, 2008

In the past US companies outsourced IT and BPO work to lower wage countries like India, China, Philippians, etc. With the rising cost in lower wage countries companies started outsourcing to nearshore countries like Mexico, Canada, etc.  For the US companies nearshore gave the labor arbitrage and other benefits like same time-zone, cultural, and language, etc. Now Indian IT majors started opening their own centers in these countries, the distinction is blurring between offshore vs nearshore. Companies must pay close attention to Total cost of ownership (TCO) before making their decision between offshore vs nearshore.

For comparison between offshore and nearshore visit

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BPO Feasibility Framework
September 21, 2008

1. Introduction
After the success of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in big corporations, BPO trend is slowly picking up in mid-sized and small businesses. Nelson Hall, BPO research firm predicts the global BPO market will reach by $450 Billion over the next four years. However, the BPO adoption in mid-sized and small businesses is very low compared to big corporations due to following reasons: Read more

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The future of offshore outsourcing in the eyes of Sen. Obama
September 4, 2008

Now you are a bit worried about the attack made by Sen. Barack Obama on offshore outsourcing in his acceptance speech in the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night? Well, there are wide-spread rumors as to what might happen in the near future—for a long time, the offshore outsourcing industry has been awaiting silently a sort of trend change that could affect many people around the world—could it be this!

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Increase in demand for Offshore LPO service providers
July 15, 2008

Demand for Legal Process Outsourcing, popularly known as LPO has been increasing steadily for the past few years. Recent housing melt-down in US has forced companies to look for offshore LPO providers to cut cost and to increase productivity.

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