An Rx for Indian outsourcing providers
March 12, 2009

The US President Barack Obama’s $19 billion health stimulus package could be a shot in the arm for the Indian IT industry as well. When one door slams, the other one flies open. This in effect could be the impact of President Obama’s $19 billion package for the US healthcare system that could also benefit the Indian IT service providers, notwithstanding President Obama’s still resistance of the outsourcing trend.
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When economics demand it, why give outsourcing a bad name?
November 13, 2008

I’ve read with interest, President elect Barrack Obama’s comments on outsourcing. There is nothing new in those comments. The fear psychosis has been with us for decades. During industrialization, the dominant fear was that machines would replace humans. Post telecommunication-internet boom, the fear is that tech workers from developing economies like India and China will make white-collared American workers redundant.
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The future of offshore outsourcing in the eyes of Sen. Obama
September 4, 2008

Now you are a bit worried about the attack made by Sen. Barack Obama on offshore outsourcing in his acceptance speech in the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday night? Well, there are wide-spread rumors as to what might happen in the near future—for a long time, the offshore outsourcing industry has been awaiting silently a sort of trend change that could affect many people around the world—could it be this!

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