Growing Women employees in Indian BPO
November 20, 2009

Sixty years ago, six young women programmed the ENIAC, the first all-electronic programmable computer that became the basis for today’s IT revolution. Several years later, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have put a rule in place that the percentage of female engineers at Google would not be allowed to dip below 20%. Call it positive discrimination, but the interview process at Google has been altered to make sure that the company meets the gender quota for women. Read more

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The endangered Western IT professional: Will there ever be a significant hiring uptick?
September 5, 2009

IT layoffs appear to be bottoming out and there are even signs of a slight uptick in hiring in some areas but if you are an unemployed IT professional in the West, you are still an endangered species and don’t expect a sudden surge (and perhaps not even a trickle) of job offers in the immediate future. Read more

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Concentrate on your customers; leave security for the third party
December 7, 2008

A YouGov survey, commissioned by the British Chambers of Commerce and Microsoft last year had come up with some interesting findings.

Among other things, the survey had revealed that while SMBs in the UK — as elsewhere in the world — have made significant improvements in the way they have begun to use the internet technology; they are still far from tapping the full potential of the new tools through business process outsourcing.

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