IT Outsourcing Buffers Outflow of Funds During Recession
March 17, 2010

IT outsourcing continues to be of great concern to many companies. Most firms are interested in doing what they do best and they are not overly concerned about the technicalities of making software. Hence, the practice of IT outsourcing has become a relevant and dominant practice in modern business. Read more

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Stock Valuations of IT Outsourcing Firms Up
March 13, 2010

The Information Technology business in India has been making progress at a rapid pace converting cost benefits and technical superiority into swelling revenues for the last ten years. Although share prices of these IT firms have dwindled amid the recession phase, they are rebounding as a recovery takes form in developing markets. Read more

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Wipro Wins Outsourcing Contract After Indian Bank Terminates Deal With Beleaguered Satyam
March 1, 2010

In a recent deal, Wipro has acquired a major contract from India’s Punjab and Sind Bank (PSB) for $21 million after ending an earlier agreement with Satyam Computer Services. Read more

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Zynga to Build Next Generation Offshore Center in Bangalore, Tap India Online Game Market
February 18, 2010

Social game provider, Zynga, has said it plans to expand its operations from its base in the U.S. to a center in India. Not surprising, since Bangalore, India heralds the title – the world’s outsourcing hub. Read more

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Cloud computing: Just was the doctor ordered for Indian IT Outsourcers
February 5, 2010

Cloud computing is considered to be the next big thing and increasingly Indian IT outsourcers are trying to grab a piece of the cloud. After all, they are in a race to broaden the scope of their outsourcing services in order to compete for the high level work that usually goes to larger western rivals like Accenture, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Read more

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Why are Indians (and Filipinos) better at providing services rather than at making good IT products?
February 3, 2010

Recently Sachin Dabir, a Senior Manager at Red Hat Asia Pacific, posed an interesting question on his blog where he asked (and answered) why Indians are good at coming up with IT solutions and services, but are lousy at making good IT products. To put things in context: Sachin first noted that over the past year, he has been meeting with software companies across the APAC region and from his meetings he has noted that these companies all have clients across the region and even as far away as Europe or the USA. Furthermore, he noted that these are small and medium sized companies with only 10 to 50 employees; and yet, all of them have managed to find buyers in other parts of the world who trust both the products and the companies themselves. Read more

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BPO: Providing India’s rural poor with opportunity
December 7, 2009

Despite the constant reports about high unemployment rates along with how outsourcing is destroying jobs and livelihoods, the trend towards outsourcing has the potential helping lift some of the world’s poorest people out of their misery. In fact, the New York Times has recently reported that outsourcing has reached rural India and is already providing jobs to people who have never held a job in their lives. Read more

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Can KPO give India a new start
October 14, 2008

The future of KPO in India is deemed as quite bright. Though presently, it is in its infantile state, the experts and companies already well-established in this process declare that India will awake to the rising demands of KPO in near future and would be able to supplement and stabilize the meltdown of global economy and its impact on outsourcing industry. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one striking part of this huge potential and we have already discussed in our previous discussion that legal outsourcing to India is on rise. The present situation of global financial crisis only helps this cause and India is going to benefit from it.

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Futuristic State of Indian BPO Industry
October 6, 2008

BPO sector in India is smarting under the pain of global financial meltdown—it is obvious for the plethora of suspicions, expectations, doubts, and forecasting to emerge and make waves among the industry. The most obvious thing that we can expect is that the Indian BPO industry will remain on tenterhooks for some time. Presently, even the experts can expect and can’t calculate exactly. For the last 10-12 days, the global financial meltdown has sent shocks across the world—the prices of oil, value of money, and export have suffered a lot and have seen a lot of changes. Outsourcing is one of the major part of export in India and it plays a significant role in the economy also.

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High Attrition rate attributed to pay package
September 7, 2008

Have you ever imagined that salary could be the most important reason for such a high attrition rate in Indian BPO sector? Yes, it is—as per the report published by BPO Special Survey, 2008 (more details), the attrition rate of business process outsourcing in India stands 7.8% higher than other industries. What is the reason behind this?

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