Indian IT Firms Low On Return On Equities
May 4, 2011

Newspaper reports cite that shareholders from Indian IT firms are not getting as much money as they were just five years ago. An analysis of IT companies reveal that return on equity numbers over half a decade has dropped significantly.
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PINC Research Report Gives ‘Buy’ Rating To Outsourcing Giant Infosys
December 23, 2010

According to PINC Research, shares of outsourcing giant Infosys Technologies are likely to climb. The consultancy firm has tagged the stock with a buy rating. The company’s research suggests that Infosys will hit Rs. 3500 in its report for December 16. Read more

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Why you can’t stop outsourcing?
October 18, 2010

In most of my blogs I mention somewhere that outsourcing to India from the US and other countries will continue till the time it makes economic sense for businesses to outsource. Proposed legislation against it would not work for the simple reason that businesses are not run on election time contingencies, but are based on the cold facts of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The recent non passage of President Obama’s protectionist legislation may or may not have been foreseen by perceptive analysts, but outsourcing would have continued unabated even if it had been passed. Read more

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Outsourcing blues: What should Indian companies do?
September 26, 2010

Now that Obama has once again come out strongly against outsourcing stressing that the 8 million Americans who lost their jobs during the recession needed succor and putting the brakes on outsourcing was one step in that direction. One may of course question the wisdom and indeed the efficacy of the move, and attribute it to populism which is aimed at garnering voter support in the coming November election; the fact is that the Indian IT sector which obtains 60% of its revenue from the US is smarting from it. Read more

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Java & MySQL Thrive Under Oracle
July 17, 2010

According to a recent developer survey finding from Jaspersoft, an open-source business intelligence supplier, there has been little damage done by the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. The report reiterates that Java and MySQL appear to be doing well n their abode. Read more

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Outsourcing IT Makes Horse Sense
July 14, 2010

Despite the controversy regarding outsourcing, IT outsourcing is catching on among U.S. firms. There are a few reasons why. Read more

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Advantages Of Offshoring Business Process To India
July 3, 2010

Outsourcing has turned into a popular strategy used by businesses today. The reason: outsourcing offers an inexpensive strategy for completing all or part of the bpo task. Currently, outsourcing has emerged as the most recent trend in business. Read more

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Outsourcing Benefits Both Service Providers And Buyers
June 13, 2010

Outsourcing has become a phenomenon of the present and it is popular among those offering services and the firms that are buying services from outsourcing locations. Read more

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Outsourcing Strategies – Not One-Way Business Solution
May 21, 2010

It might be a foregone conclusion is that outsourcing is in vogue for businesses wanting to move up in a complicated corporate world. But there are many proponents of outsourcing who say that it does not mean there’s one site fits all kind of a policy when it comes to spinning off projects to faraway destinations. Read more

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HCL Bags Half Billion Dollar Contract With Merck; Sign Of More Mega Deals
May 12, 2010

HCL Technologies, India’s fifth-biggest IT services company has been awarded a $500 million IT outsourcing deal from Merck Sharp and Dhome (MSD) based in the U.S. The contract with one the drug-making giant is indicative of the comeback of large-scale agreements within the IT sector, particularly in India. Read more

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