India’s true share in the offshoring pie
December 28, 2009

A Professor from the London School of Economics (LSE), Raja Mitra, who is a former World Bank executive has stirred a hornet’s nest with his suggestion that contrary to the hype generally created around India, the country’s share in the global offshore business is only 25%. The earlier McKinsey, NASSCOM, and Everest research estimate was 54%. Read more

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Offshore publishing picks up
November 28, 2009

Recently Financial Post carried a news mentioning that The Toronto Star has asked its entire unionized and non-unionized staff to take voluntary severance packages as the newspaper is toying with the idea of contracting out most of its editorial and production functions. Read more

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Chinese outsource domination a mirage?
October 27, 2009

A new report out this week by global consultancy McKinsey & Co, Destination: China, A Perspective on the Offshoring and Outsourcing Industry maintains that while China has made tremendous leaps in terms of software development in recent years, it can’t realize its ambition of becoming the leading global offshore-outsourcing destination anytime soon, predict industry watchers. Out of a total of $80 billion worldwide revenues for providers of offshore services in business and technology, India leads by a wide margin, garnering $58 billion — a market share of over 70%. Read more

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Better off on lower wages
October 16, 2009

It’s a bitter irony of a globalized era. You can live far more comfortably on a smaller salary in a lower-wage country like India or China, than is possible in the US or UK on a hefty package. Small wonder IBM dangled the carrot of offshore jobs before its laid-off IT employees but they were so skeptical of the move, they did not fall for the bait. Read more

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Ease labour norms to make India attractive to outsourcers
September 25, 2009

India has improved its rank by two percentile points from 2008 in World Bank’s Doing Business Survey 2009 with reforms introduced in at least five key areas (Out of 10 sets of quantitative indicators studied across 181 countries by the World Bank over five years) doing business in India is still not a child’s play. Read more

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Manufacturing Outsourcing Growing in India
September 23, 2009

On my way to the Grand Canyon, I once happened to visit a souvenir shop in Arizona, where, little figurines of ‘indigenous’ Indian art, discreetly bore a ‘Made in China’ tag! Later, I was not surprised to learn that almost 80% of toys sold in the US are made in China. Now, this tide is turning its course to India. Read more

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India Vs Philippines: Outsourcing outlook
August 24, 2009

Whereas India is still considered to be the preeminent offshore outsourcing destination for IT services as well as in BPO, the Philippines has fast made a name for itself in providing offshore call center and BPO related services. In fact, few can argue that Filipinos, with their relatively neutral accents and better understanding of and affinity towards American culture, aren’t at least better at providing voice related work. Hence, the global economic crisis is affecting the outlook in both countries differently. Read more

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Research-based pharmaceutical companies having a… headache
August 13, 2009

Research-based pharmaceutical companies have found a medicine against a headache they have. Headache – due to increasing costs and risks among other. However, they did not have to discover this medicine – that have been known for a long time… Read more

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Indian Outsource industry on notice
June 25, 2009

At last week’s fifth India Innovation Summit 2009, Wipro’s chief executive officer Azim Premji warned that India should not be complacent and fall into the “India advantage” trap and what he referred to as India’s “thumping on the back” mentality as competition was fast catching up (somewhat ironically, this year’s summit was entitled: “The Role of Innovation in an Economic Downturn – The India Advantage.”) Read more

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If you can’t compete with them, why not join them?
June 18, 2009

Some years ago, I recall reading an intriguing article in Business week entitled Subcontinental Drift: More Westerners are beefing up their résumés with a stint in India. The gist of the article was that a new bred of expatriate worker, not the traditional Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or highly paid Westerners expatriate, were “chasing their jobs” to India and according to NASSCOM at the time, some 30,000 firangis or foreigners were already working for Indian technology and outsourcing companies – triple the number from 2004. Read more

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