Satyam Auditor Price-WaterHouse Allowed To Cross Examine Execs In Fraud Case
June 8, 2011

Price-WaterHouse (PW) has won a significant struggle with capital markets regulatory body, Securities and Exchange Board of India over Satyam Computer Ltd.’s falsification of funds, which led to a scandal in 2008. Read more

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Tata Technologies, Leader In Engineering Outsourcing Expands Hiring In Detroit
June 3, 2011

According to published reports, Tata Technologies has put into effect plans to employ 400 engineers at its technical facility near Detroit. This hiring expansion will collaborate with new auto manufacturing that is ongoing in the U.S. and Canada, reports  Tata Technologies is a Tata Motors subsidiary.
Read more

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India’s IT Outsourcers Report Increase In Earnings, Indicating Offshoring Demand
May 30, 2011

Despite a lag in the economy, Indian outsourcing service providers are riding a wave of increased revenues according to reports for the latest quarter. The recession brought on a decreased demand for IT outsourcing, particularly as companies decreased discretionary spending. Read more

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NASSCOM: India’s Software Exports On The Rise
February 11, 2011

According to published reports, software and services exports from India are on the incline – about 16 to 18 percent in the year up t March 2012. Read more

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How the Philippines overtook India in call centers
January 19, 2011

Recently and according to various reports and industry experts, the Philippines “officially” overtook India in call centers and voice related work. In fact and in a December 2010 article in Business Week, the Everest Group estimated that the Philippines will have pocketed US$5.7 billion in 2010 for call center work from the US, Europe and Australia verses US$5.5 billion for India’s call centers (although India still leads in overall outsourcing revenue at an estimated US$70 billion verses US$9 billion for the Philippines) while according to IBM’s latest Global Locations Trend Annual Report, the Philippines is now the world leader in business support functions like shared services and BPO with India ranked as number two for the first time. Interestingly enough, the IBM report also noted that Sri Lanka was another Asian country that was succeeding in positioning itself as an alternative outsourcing destination to India.  Read more

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January 3, 2011

According to a recent report, outsourcing firm, has reached a target of 2 million registered professionals on it sits by the end of 2010.’s registration of professionals surged through two million on December 29, 2010. Read more

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Has morning arrived in India?
December 31, 2010

Last October, Thomas L. Friedman wrote a thought provoking piece from India for the New York Times entitled It’s Morning in India which he began by first noting how unrealistic French students are to be rioting over a small increase in the pension retirement age when France has already discovered that a 35-hour workweek is impossible in a world where Indian engineers are attempting to work 35-hour days. He then went on to write that many of the Indians he met on his trip to India expressed their concern that America as well seems to be running away from the world it created and their country is adopting. After all, so many American politicians were denouncing immigration, free trade and outsourcing when it was America that had created many of the technologies and free market ideas that led to globalization and a flattening of the world. Read more

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PINC Research Report Gives ‘Buy’ Rating To Outsourcing Giant Infosys
December 23, 2010

According to PINC Research, shares of outsourcing giant Infosys Technologies are likely to climb. The consultancy firm has tagged the stock with a buy rating. The company’s research suggests that Infosys will hit Rs. 3500 in its report for December 16. Read more

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From outsourcing to globalization – 2011 and beyond
December 22, 2010

Outsourcing started in the early 90’s as a revolutionary phenomenon of sending unskilled work from developed countries to developing countries and is now transformed into globalization. Globalization fundamentally changed the structure of business, consumers, and the political landscape that revolves around us. Goldman Sachs predicts that the Chinese economy will overtake the American economy by 2020 and Indian economy will overtake the American economy by 2043(see graph below). Whether China and India can overtake the United States might be a different matter, but it is a fact that both countries are growing faster than the US. Read more

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Has Obama overcome his aversion to outsourcing to India?
November 13, 2010

Now that President Obama has had a super successful Indian trip with business deals worth $ 10 billion under the belt that will create 50,000 jobs back home in America, will he stop flogging the outsourcing threat? No less a personage than the Prime Minister of India has publicly asserted that India is not in the business of stealing American jobs. If anything outsourcing to India has increased the competitiveness of American firms. And Bangalore is the name of an India city and not a process by which American get laid off-never mind the bad pun. Read more

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