New challenges and opportunities for the Indian outsourcing
March 6, 2010

 Viewed broadly outsourcing comprises of the following information technology, human resources, engineering, customer service, legal services, knowledge based services, R&D and so on. Countries like India took to outsourcing like a fish takes to water because of certain natural advantages like low costs, a vast pool of technically proficient manpower and wide spread familiarity with the English language. Read more

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Cloud computing: Just was the doctor ordered for Indian IT Outsourcers
February 5, 2010

Cloud computing is considered to be the next big thing and increasingly Indian IT outsourcers are trying to grab a piece of the cloud. After all, they are in a race to broaden the scope of their outsourcing services in order to compete for the high level work that usually goes to larger western rivals like Accenture, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Read more

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