Advantages Of Offshoring Business Process To India
July 3, 2010

Outsourcing has turned into a popular strategy used by businesses today. The reason: outsourcing offers an inexpensive strategy for completing all or part of the bpo task. Currently, outsourcing has emerged as the most recent trend in business. Read more

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New challenges and opportunities for the Indian outsourcing
March 6, 2010

 Viewed broadly outsourcing comprises of the following information technology, human resources, engineering, customer service, legal services, knowledge based services, R&D and so on. Countries like India took to outsourcing like a fish takes to water because of certain natural advantages like low costs, a vast pool of technically proficient manpower and wide spread familiarity with the English language. Read more

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India’s ITES/BPO Industry Turns to Domestic Market, New Geographies in Difficult Times
February 23, 2010

Although the U.S. market is still huge as far as outsourcing is concerned and Europe is an income generator for software outsourcing to India, the downturn in the global economy has made some waves in the domestic market and other new locations. Read more

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Does Business Process Standardization help BPO?
February 21, 2010

We all know how outsource companies brag about their CMM level, Six Sigma, COPC – 2000, etc. Two years back I wrote an article explaining how business process standardization helps customers in their outsourcing projects. Last week I read an article in Harvard Business Review, When Should a Process Be Art, Not Science? that made me to think about standardization and BPO. Read more

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Will Obama’s proposed withdrawal of tax incentives to outsourcing companies impact India?
February 11, 2010

The Indian outsourcing industry does not seem to think so. As a matter of fact they are quite sanguine that it will be business as usual for Indian companies as they feel that US companies will continue to find outsourcing to India cheaper for their businesses. They are actually willing to concede that Obama may have had to resort to these measures more as a symbol of his solidarity with the people who have lost jobs in the current difficult times and also to shore up his slipping popularity ratings. Read more

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Offshore publishing picks up
November 28, 2009

Recently Financial Post carried a news mentioning that The Toronto Star has asked its entire unionized and non-unionized staff to take voluntary severance packages as the newspaper is toying with the idea of contracting out most of its editorial and production functions. Read more

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Shared services and BPO: How to achieve optimum in real time?
November 15, 2009

When have you personally visited your bank for the last time? Three years ago? Or: you don’t remember it? Modern technology makes it possible: You can use different services, offered by parties located world-wide having the Internet access and telephone connection.
Read more

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As BPO vendors enter the survival of the fittest phase, will your BPO or vendor be among the lucky ones?
October 13, 2009

Gartner has recently released a study (entitled: “Business process outsourcing vendor consolidations: is your contract at risk?”) that predicts a gloomy future for many BPO vendors as they expect the industry to undergo a major consolidation by 2012 that will wipe out 1/4th of all vendors in their current form. By then, the closure of loss making units and acquisitions will leave behind a new type of BPO that delivers services as “automated, utility services” – in other words, only the strongest and best capitalized will survive. Read more

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India Vs Philippines: Outsourcing outlook
August 24, 2009

Whereas India is still considered to be the preeminent offshore outsourcing destination for IT services as well as in BPO, the Philippines has fast made a name for itself in providing offshore call center and BPO related services. In fact, few can argue that Filipinos, with their relatively neutral accents and better understanding of and affinity towards American culture, aren’t at least better at providing voice related work. Hence, the global economic crisis is affecting the outlook in both countries differently. Read more

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Shared services in the heart of Catalonia
August 17, 2009

Have you already had the possibility to make some days holiday this year? And have you already known that the first tourist destination of Spain is Catalonia? Yes, it is the first address where you can spend your holiday. But… What about shared services? Read more

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