Steve Forbes Addresses Impact Of Japan’s Quake On U.S. Recovery At Global Sourcing Summit

April 4, 2011

In the wake of the Japanese natural disaster that has ravaged the country, Steve Forbes addressed the impact of earthquake/tsunami on the recovery in the U.S. He was speaking at the Global Sourcing Summit that took place in Florida.

The gathering comprised of professionals and executives in outsourcing, and offshoring from the biggest firms in the U.S. Forbes addressed the group about the global economic impact of the worst calamity that has hit Japan since WWII and offered comments on how corporations can circumvent global challenges.

Incidentally, the Global Sourcing Summit is an annual conference put together by the Sourcing Interests Group (SIG). The SIG is a group comprising of outsourcing executives from Global 1000 firms.

Forbes said, “…where we’re at, where we’re going – obviously it’s going to be impacted by Japan. I was amazed over the weekend when the disaster first hit. A lot of people said ‘this won’t affect us, Japan’s kind of a semi-isolated economy,’ – it isn’t. It is part of this global supply chain, so going beyond even the human tragedy what has happened in Japan is a huge setback,” Business Newswire reported.

With a history of twenty years, the SIG is unique to the outsourcing industry because it combines vendors, consultants, companies involved in outsourcing in an environment that is non-competitive. The focus is on improvement of bottom line performance across the board, customer quality and making available an open forum for networking, innovating and discovering new practices in the industry. SIG holds two summits each year – the Global Sourcing Summit is conducted in the spring while the Global Leadership Summit is held in the fall. For more information on SIG, visit,

Forbes is Forbes Media chairman and Forbes Magazine editor in chief. He was speaking at the outsourcing conference in Amelia Isand, Florida.


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