Shortage of Talent in Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

March 18, 2011

According to a report by, there is an acute shortage of professionals in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry. The sector has revealed phenomenal growth from 2005-2010. Many firms have been outsourcing  to vendors who specialize in Pharma Knowledge Process Outsourcing and others have established captives in India.

TeamLease Services Private Ltd is the biggest human resource management firm in India and it is concerned about this shortage. The lack of talent is supposedly at astronomical levels with respect to research work and clinical trials that have been contracted. This decline in figures is mostly said to result from a high attrition rate and  the multitude of job offers that still exist in India. In the area covering Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, there are about 50 pharmaceutical KPOs. Some of the popular KPO’s in the industry include Market Rx, Frost & Sullivan and Apollo Health Street.

VP TeamLease Services, Sangeeta Lala, was quoted as saying, “considering that there is an average of (600,000) such specialized professionals required at any given day in the sector with the necessary soft skills, it is increasingly becoming a challenge to find the right fit in such large numbers.”

She added, “The requirements of odd working hours are not always perceived as a desired option vies-a-vis regular working careers. As a solution to address this situation, KPOs are focusing on various means to attract the right talent. These include turnkey hiring, extensive marketing campaigns and tie-ups with specialized colleges to pick freshers with the right attitude and then train them up to the required job. It is critical that the industry starts developing and nurturing its key talent, because the future will bring more high-end processes into India, with requirements in contract research work and clinical trials,” reports

The pharma KPO service includes processes such as invoice processing, calling and billing, contract research, business intelligence applications and financial planning.


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