Re-Tool to Embrace Change with LPO

February 22, 2011

SPurani |  When someone like David McIntosh, chairman of the City of London Law Society, warns of not being left behind in the midst of the United Kingdom’s legal profession changes, many people tend to hear his words.  Rory Webber of recently posted an interview with Mr. McIntosh, summing up his position on the quickly evolving state of the U.K. legal profession by stating “..he’d bet his practicing certificate..” on the need for legal professionals to re-think and re-tool on how legal services are offered by those who will be directly affected by the changes.

The post continues to mention the recurring theme on the need to focus on the value-added and away from the low-value, commoditized legal services. Those are the services and tasks at the heart of this revolutionary change since they are easily replicated by service providers outside of the firm.  It is the firm’s expertise that presents value to clients.  To further this point, a few months ago Spend Matters had engaged with the category experts of ICG Commerce, who helped to clarify the value that clients seek from their outside firms.  According to ICG Commerce they are chosen, not based on rates, but rather on their depth of experience and knowledge in their given areas of practice.

As firms and in-house counsel re-think their mission for serving their clients, they will need to re-tool if they have not begun to already.  And of course legal outsourcing, whether onshore or offshore, is viewed as the facilitator for the industry’s re-tooling revolution.

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