Java & MySQL Thrive Under Oracle

July 17, 2010

According to a recent developer survey finding from Jaspersoft, an open-source business intelligence supplier, there has been little damage done by the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. The report reiterates that Java and MySQL appear to be doing well n their abode.

In fact, these results contrast the happenings in OpenSolaris, under Oracle, which is planning to disband. Java and MySQL have enjoyed their prominence in the open-source software arena. With Oracle’s upkeep of Java, clients are more approving of the software than when Java was under operations by Sun Microsystems.

When you look at it from a broad perspective, there is no substitute for Java for numerous applications available. Scripting languages can be utilized for solving numerous issues that prop up from time to time. However, they use various methods and make use of cases that are more logical. One advantage that Java has is that despite its drawbacks, it provides a wide range of functions for java developers – much more than what is offered by any one scripting language.

The survey also found that users aren’t’ planning to make a switch to MySQL. Instead, most users are comfortable with Java because they have an impression it will do well under Oracle. In addition, Oracle now has a forte in open source and proprietary software.
Among the highlights of the survey were the following:

  • About 2/3 percent of all those surveyed said that they would use MySQL more or about the same under Oracle.

  • About 2/3 percent of respondents commented that MySQL would continue at the same pace and might even show improvement under Oracle.

  • Nearly all those surveyed said that they would continue to use Java or use it more often in their company. The findings in the survey indicate that Java is a popular program among users.

  • About 80% of respondents said that Java Community Process (JCP) would improve or continue as expected on Oracle’s watch, reports CNET News.


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