Philippines suffers from Leadership issues in BPO industry

September 18, 2008

BPO industry all over the world is struggling to sustain the demand of quality workforce both in executive and managerial sector. BPO giants like India and Philippines are struggling to produce the managers that can give a sustainable lead to this industry and can also withstand the demands of the growth. In this issue, a report published by a firm, Development Dimensions International (DDI), gives an insight as to what Philippines is feeling: the report states that local BPO industry in Philippines has leadership issues.

The firm has its headquarters in the US, and it has found that there are only 41% of leaders and 32% of HR professionals feel satisfied with the quality of their leadership development efforts in the country. Not from my personal point of view, but this is a poor ratio as at least 50% should have felt satisfied with it; otherwise, there is a clear indication that the leadership development efforts in the country are not up to the satisfactory level, which can lead to severe impairment of BPO industry in the country in the coming future.

What can good leaders do for companies? In my opinion, leaders can give quality to their work if they know what they want to do for themselves as well as for the company. It is only when their personal goals synchronize with the company goals that they can deliver quality work for the company. When they are clear about the goals, they can provide a great vision to the all the employees so that they can grow with the company.

The discussed report was produced by DDI by collaborating with the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP). As a general practice in companies, managers of different departments are not satisfied with the programs run by HR professionals and the HR professionals report that others are not accountable for their work and commitment. These relative grudges often mar the growth of the sector and it is quite obvious that BPO sector in Philippines seems to suffer from the same issue.

Like India, Philippines also need to awake to this fact that if they do not have leaders to lead the workforce, the BPO industry can not grow. In India, many companies are investing heavily to make sure that they have quality workforce in future to sustain the growth. Perhaps, Philippines needs to adapt the same policy by implementing company-based or company-sponsored training programs for college students.


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