Perceiving UK’s LPO Industry In New Light, Post Recession

July 11, 2011

Following the financial impact of recession, law firm partners around the world are recognizing that it is time to look at legal process outsourcing in a new fashion.

It is apparent that this acknowledgement comes from a need to address cost efficiency and to offer legal services at a better cost – something that was not necessarily a determinant of legal business previous to 2008. It is against this backdrop that the need for offshoring builds a strong case for itself.

Early this year, “The Global LPO Conference 2011 – London – Buyers and Vendors Meet in The UK” was set up to create awareness among lawyers regarding new legal business strategies. Specifically, the conference addressed the way in which legal services can best be delivered to clients. This would, of course, involve a genuine transformation of the legal industry.

The expertise for the event was provided by Global Legal Associations that evaluated U.K.’s Legal Services Act on the legal offshoring sector. This covered some of the perceptions concerning offshoring legal projects to destinations such as South Africa and India. Although both of these countries are former British colonies, law is still practiced differently in each country. Inaccurate interpretations of U.K. law is an issue while outsourcing case-related documentation. The LPO strategists at the event addressed these concerns while assuring buyers of obtaining optimal legal support.

The conference included exclusive meetings between vendors and buyers, virtual conference platforms, strategic topical sessions, workshops, 30-minute discussion sessions and pilot projects, reports

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