Outsourcing Dispute: Crowdsourced Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism

January 8, 2012

If you buy some good online from a website, located outside your country which is not delivered to you within the said time, do you know of the remedy you can avail in such situation? While the obvious answer would be to file a suit in the court of the country from where you bought the good. Most of us know that court procedures are tenuous and exorbitant but do we have an alternative?

Have you thought of outsourcing your dispute? Can you solve your dispute with a bit less of expense, without involving a lawyer and without moving from post to pillar to resolve your dispute?
Read further to know more about crowdsourcing of dispute.

Crowdsourcing of dispute is basically an online alternative dispute resolving mechanism where people from different countries can take part in the process of resolving your dispute. It can be in three forms:-

Online Opinion Polls
Online opinion polls work on the support from the society and seek justice without incurring any cost and without the involvement of any lawyer. There are various sites which provide individuals with such services such as iCourthouse, People’s Court Raw etc.

Online Mock Trials
Online mock trials help you to get an idea about the original case in hand. Sites such as eJury and Virtual Jury offers such mock trial service.

Crowdsourcing Online Dispute Resolution decision enforced by private authorities
In case of online dispute, like the one mentioned in the beginning, many a times the site itself offers the mechanism to resolve the dispute that is enforced by the private authorities.
For instance, eBay provides for eBay Community Review Forum which provides crowdsourced dispute resolution system enforced by eBay customer service representative.

So, in case you get into a dispute and want a hassle free and easy dispute resolution process, you can think about outsourcing your dispute by choosing crowdsourced dispute resolution mechanism. Also if you provide some sort of service or goods and have a website for the same, you can opt for an online dispute settlement mechanism to resolve customer disputes.


4 Responses to “Outsourcing Dispute: Crowdsourced Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism”

  1. Shoba Montague on January 9th, 2012 4:35 pm

    I guess this will work only within a community which BOTH parties are a part of right? Otherwise enforcement measures will not work.

    For eg. in eBay if the seller wants to continue using eBay as a platform to do business, then he has to willingly subject himself to the “laws” of the community. If he chooses to ignore then he still can but he is out of that community.

  2. Srishti Aishwarya Shrivastava on January 10th, 2012 9:10 am

    Hi Shoba, yeah that applies in case where ODR decisions are enforced by private authorities, while the other two type of Crowdsourcing dispute resolution mechanism need not be community dependent.

  3. cover letter on January 11th, 2012 6:11 am

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