Outsource Portfolio RSS Feed FAQ

1. What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication, RSS is an XML based Web-content syndication used to deliver constantly updated headline feeds, blogs, articles, etc., to the readers. Outsource Portfolio RSS feed delivers outsourcing articles, blogs, news, and discussions as we post it in our web site. It is easy way for you to be alerted when content about outsourcing, BPO, Offshoring, etc., appears in our web site.

2. How do I use Outsource Portfolio RSS?
If you are using IE 7.0, Firefox or any other browser that supports RSS you can click the XML icon to get the Outsource Portfolio RSS feed. If you have account with web sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netvibes, AOL, Bloglines, etc, you can use those to subscribe the Outsource Portfolio RSS.

3. Can I use free RSS desktop software for Outsource Portfolio RSS feed?
Yes, you can download a free desk-top Feed Reader for all your RSS needs on your desktop. Once you download the Feed Reader follow the steps below to subscribe to Outsource Portfolio’s RSS Feed.

* 1. Install the Feed Reader
* 2. Open the Feed Reader
* 3. Click the ‘New’ button on the left panel, (see the figure below)
* 4. Type http://outsourceportfolio.com/feed/rss/ in the box on the right pan
* 5. Press the ‘Ok’ button

Outsource Portfolio RSS Feed Reader

4. Where can I find more information about RSS?
For more information about RSS visit wiki.

5. Is Outsource Portfolio RSS is free and how does it work?
YES, Outsource Portfolio RSS feed is completely free and it works like any other RSS feed. Any time a new outsourcing article, outsourcing blog, news, etc, is posted in www. OutsourcePortfolio.com web site you’ll see the description on your RSS Reader. If you use a web sites specified above for your RSS feeds then you’ll see it on the web site.

6. Can I get email notification about new blogs, news, and articles posted in your site?
You can subscribe to our RSS feed by entering your email address. Our RSS feed is managed by FeedBurner

7. How often do I get email alerts from your site? If new news, blogs, or articles are posted in our site you’ll get email notification once per day.

8. How do I unsubscribe from your email list?
When you receive email notification from us, at the bottom of the email you will have instructions to unsubscribe it.

9. What is the difference between subscribing to RSS feed vs receiving RSS feed via email? In the RSS feed you use RSS software or web site to subscribe to our RSS feed and as new content is posted in our web site RSS software will retrieve it automatically. In email notification new content is sent tot you through email.