LPO Should Stand for Legal ‘Partner’ Outsourcing

January 15, 2011

Sanket Purani | LPO Savvy

A lot has occurred in the legal process outsourcing space during the year 2010. It seems the industry is gaining some momentum and recognition by those beyond the academics, bloggers, and unemployed lawyers. Firms large and small are taking notice and finding ways to get acquainted with, and doing business with offshore providers. Though not all relationships are the, dare I say traditional, legal back office relationships. I was pleased to see one example of a US law firm – vendor relationship that was born of a non-customary requirement. You can call it an outsourcing relationship but it feels more like an offshore partnership. And something I feel we will see more of as time goes on.

Outsourcing should really be viewed as a partnership of sorts when determining who will be working with the firm. Mr. Shah Peerally of The Shah Peerally Law Group recently shared his version of how he envisions the relationship he has begun with an offshore legal services vendor. He views it as not only beneficial to his practice, but in a way that isn’t necessarily characteristic of legal process outsourcing as we all in the collective LPO diaspora commonly think.

The discussion with Mr Peerally follows, along with an interview I did with Adv. Priya Chauhan, Partner of Lex Forska Law Offices, Mr Peerally’s offshore legal services vendor. Adv. Chauhan discusses her views with me on the role her Indian law firm plays with Mr. Peerally’s firm.

LPO Savvy: What areas of opportunity are you focused on in serving your clients?

S. Peerally: Immigration & Naturalization Law and Foreign Legal Consulting.

LPO Savvy: How do you think it would help you in doing business together with an Indian law firm?

S. Peerally: Many of our clients are from India. Once they establish themselves in the United States many of them maintain some kind of relationship with their country of origin. Many are operating businesses in India or have legal issues in India. They would like to use a law firm in India yet they will also want a trustworthy U.S lawyer to assist them in this endeavour. This is where our expertise becomes valuable. Likewise, clients in India are seeking valuable information or legal representation in the United States regarding immigration or other areas of American law. Our law firm can provide these services.

LPO Savvy: How does a firm like yours envision working with an offshore law firm and LPO like Lex Forska? Do you see yourselves working with them as an extension of your office staff or as a provider of services?

S. Peerally: As an immigration law firm it is only natural that we maintain relations with organizations outside of the United States. While we don’t outsource legal work, we do believe it is smart to collaborate with Indian Law Firms when dealing with issues that involve Indian law. We are already represented in other countries, and we see Adv. Chauhan’s firm as the best fit for our law firm’s Indian partner.

LPO Savvy: Is this something you foresaw two or maybe three years ago? How has the legal profession changed in your eyes?

S. Peerally: As an immigration law firm it is only natural that we maintain an international presence given the nature of our work.

LPO Savvy: How do you respond to the criticism that many have for US and other western firms who work with LPO companies?

S. Peerally: We do not outsource our work to entities outside of the United States. Our relationship with organizations outside of the United States consists of collaborating on issues where a foreign organization can provide more expertise. It is only logical that an Indian law firm based in India will know more about Indian law than any firm located in the United States. In order to better serve our clients in the United States that need help with legal issues in India we have decided to collaborate with law firms in India to accomplish this task.

Interview with Adv. Priya Chauhan, Partner and CEO of Lex Forska Law Offices:

LPO Savvy: Tell us about your firm.

Adv. Chauhan: Lex Forska Law Offices aka Lex forska Solutions was founded in year 2009. we have a team of 5 lawyers and IP experts. We provide Legal and IP support services and also now we have established full service law firm focusing on practice areas like immigration law, business law, & Intellectual Property.

LPO Savvy: What are your expectations from your recent collaboration with U.S based law firm?

Adv. Chauhan: Shah Peerally Law Group PC of U.S has earned good reputation as a law firm over a long time. There team is experienced like our team and they have expertise in similar fields of law we have our interest in. As now corporate world is global it would serve the purpose of our firm to be one of the finest corporate firms. With collaboration, our firm would be able to help and match the same standard of Multinational Companies we aim to serve. Having a panel of lawyers assisting in providing global legal solutions would not only benefit our firm but also it would be different experience for our team. We believe this collaboration is one of the good sign for our firm, as having a support of good firm in early years of any firm would help in making strong foundation.

LPO Savvy: What would be different about your firm? How does your collaboration with Shah Peerally Law Group PC would help your firm?

Adv. Chauhan: After this collaboration our firm would be able to cater world class legal services to multinational corporations as having a support from U.S law firm team would bring new edge in our relationship with our clients. Many of global economy concepts demand that certain firms should be capable of catering not only domestic companies demands but also cater effectively to needs of Multinational Corporate. Now there is high number of companies having business relationship across continent and maximum Companies have branches in U.S thus it would be one advantage for our clients to have a panel of lawyers taking care of their Indian as well as U.S legal compliance matters.

LPO Savvy: How do you see your ability to serve client’s improve with your new collaboration with Shah Peerally Law Group PC?

Adv. Chauhan: Shah Peerally Law Group has expertise in immigration and business law, as our law firm focus on similar lines it would be of great help while handling work related to corporate having requirements related to U.S. We have a vision of internationally resourceful firm having a panel of lawyers assisting in work related to global corporations. Collaboration with Shah Peerally Law Group is our first step towards our bigger goal. There team has expertise in similar areas of law and there assistance would help our clients understand international aspects of their business.

LPO Savvy: Your firm operates both as a local law firm as well as a LPO. How is your law firm operating differently than as an LPO? Do you see synergies of any sort?

Adv. Chauhan: Our law firm team is well experienced in litigation and corporate law. Our law firm team handles work related to Indian law related cases. Our LPO team is experienced in handling U.S and U.K related legal work, there are certain similarities in some basic laws in which case our law firm team also suggest our LPO clients time to time. There are few similarities which help while handling LPO related work. Also the issue of trust is also somehow addressed as people tend to have more trust towards a good law firm team .This helps to some degree in building good reputation among LPO circle but the only factor which brings our clients again and again to our company is no doubt quality of services.

LPO Savvy: How do you envision your company Lex Forska competing with the bigger names in LPO?

Adv. Chauhan: Legal Process Outsourcing is slowly turning as one of the very good legal resources to law firms all over world. The cost factor is there which cannot be ignored but most importantly it is the level of quality and the help law firms get after delegating certain basic work which makes this new field more convenient and interesting.

Our Legal Process Outsourcing division is having team of experienced legal and IP experts and with experience of dealing with international clients requirement, our team has earned excellent reputation. As every good thing starts with a good team, I believe with a team having such expertise we would soon become good name among finest LPO’s. Also we have a marketing team supporting us in U.S and with legal support from our Law firm to our clients would also add X factor in our companies services. We are very careful about what we deliver to our clients and quality assessment is one of our big concerns always. Our firm has managed to have secure way of working with clients keeping confidentiality as one of our main priority. With personal assistance to our clients on every case and understanding requirement of our clients closely, we would fulfil our vision top notch firms soon.


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