Are Legal Process Outsourcing Providers Entitled to Succeeding?

June 17, 2010

Author: Sanket Purani

Why do we need to ask such a question? Well, in short the question should be asked. Primarily to ensure the players do not lose sight of what it will take to win. And secondly, just because LPO’s in India have a cost advantage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that can translate to success. It’s true the skillset and eagerness to succeed exists, however real success will depend on a combination of factors. The goal is to place more focus on the non-cost based factors of service delivery. LPOs will feel less squeezed when sending that client proposal and more confident when sending the invoice.

The cost advantage alone is a truly large factor that contributes to LPO growth. This cannot be swept aside easily, nor am I asking anyone to disregard it. It’s obvious that in this economic environment legal professionals are feeling the pinch and are keen to reduce their costs. But even though the focus on costs exists, thriving LPOs know firsthand that it takes professional acumen to sustain growth.

Legal work is by virtue a knowledge intensive area. Commoditized services can enjoy the benefit of being driven by cost. But legal work is higher up on the value chain, and the delivery of legal services should reflect a refined approach to business. An organization wide focus on quality and dependability will keep the phones ringing and the email in-boxes full. An eye on raising the bar on quality, not just an acceptable level, but on a level that consistently exceeds client expectations will always win out.


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