Legal outsourcing becoming a compelling need

September 12, 2008

What is the need of outsourcing—cutting costs involved in various business processes? Yes, it is true. The need of outsourcing is felt almost in all business processes and law related processes are also coming in its fold. Legal outsourcing is trying to become what everything else did—launch its potential to international market and reduce the involved costs.

The processes that many law firms are already outsourcing involve back office work and the front line provision of legal services—word processing, graphics and design, accounting and IT departments are already being outsourced to many countries where labor costs are quite cheaper. No wonder that India and Philippines stand as the most popular and preferred choices for such services.

The basic benefit to India goes for its large number of well-qualified English speaking lawyers who are able to withstand the rigorous demands of American and European clients. India stands as the largest supplier of outsourced legal services.

Though there are still many issues that law firms outsourcing their work to other countries will have to look for, but the legal outsourcing demands are becoming quite compelling and there is no chance that there will be any barrier for its full growth. The costs for junior lawyers are low by a whopping margin in these countries and firms in US and UK are looking to take full advantage of these services. Many firms in India have set up offices that cater to the needs of these law firms in different countries.


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