KPO To Provide Excellent Opportunities In India

May 11, 2011

A report by the Economic Times said that knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) provides excellent business opps for Indian enterprises. It is also likely to provide the industry with value added services, said consulting firm Gartner.

Tagging at billions of dollars, the KPO sector reels in a number of different services in marketing,  clinical trials, banking and legal processes.

Principal Research Analyst Arup Roy at¬†IT research firm Gartner was quoted by PTI as saying, “KPO service offerings is a good opportunity for Indian BPO providers to provide high value services and thereby enabling them to develop higher margin work.”

According to projections, the KPO market world wide is expected to bring in over $15 billion in the near future.

Roy added that KPO can assist domestic firms in obtaining good relationships with customers at higher levels, which would be a way of cross selling. Most big outsourcing firms such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and Cognizant provide KPO services.

A recent publication by Gartner said that KPO services is likely to come up with a combination of improved processing techniques and intellectually skilled staff placed at an offshore location.

The publication explained that stiff competition is expected to stem from a combination of KPO service providers, BPO service providers, management consultants, and traditional onshore industry experts.

The software organizational and trade body, NASSCOM, has said that software and IT services would add up to $76 billion in the fiscal year 2011.

Some people claim that KPO is actually being transformed by the BPO industry. Apart from this, it is a highly valued service that is performed by specifically skilled staff, who have domain knowledge in this area. In general, KPO involves a combination of knowledge of several fronts – a component of BPO, Analysis Process Outsourcing (APO) an dResearch Process Outosourcing or RPO.


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