Jamaica To Become Potential Document Storage Hub For U.S. Firms

January 19, 2011

Redding, Jamaica-based firm, Archway Caribbean is a document storage firm that was founded three years. Since then it has become successful in offering outsourced document storage and management solutions to companies around the world.

The concept of a near-shore destination for document storage offers a competitive edge over offshore destinations like India. Although the logic behind conventional outsourcing practices in the last decade suggests that India, China or the Philippines are the locations of choice for outsourcing, Jamaica offers unique advantages in document management.

For instance, when companies in the U.S. realize that storing information at a location like Redding, St.James in Jamaica is closer in proximity than India, the concept of document storage in the Caribbean is likely to pick up speed. Nearshoring was touted as a top offshore outsourcing trend in 2009.

A report by Jamaica Observer suggests that Archway Caribbean could become the regional hub for document retrieval storage. Apart from storing, retrieval and shredding of documents, the company also offers server backup, email management, scanning, along with disaster recovery solutions.

In the current economic scene, it is vital that companies manage their information. This leads to savings in operational costs, enhanced efficiency and security, legal compliance and better business continuity. Companies in industries like finance and insurance, legal, and retail are paper-intensive. Archway could significantly improve the efficiency of these companies by managing their documents, says Managing Director of Archway, David Holland.

Jamaica’s location in the Caribbean could give way to its dominance in the multi-billion dollar document storage industry. The prime location could give rise to Jamaica’s emergence as a leader in nearshoring and offers North American firms a clear advantage over far away destinations in Asia.

“Outsourcing records management has been standard practice for over 60 years in the US and Europe,” Holland was quoted as saying in the Caribbean Business report. “Jamaica is a near-shore outsourcing destination and makes us an ideal alternative over India and other areas for companies in the US to reduce their costs by outsourcing their records and document management,” he added.


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