Infosys expands its outsource Research center to target cloud computing, mobility, analytics, and social media

March 20, 2012

Infosys announced that it will grow its Product Research and Development Center in India to accelerate design and development of its offerings, through cutting-edge engineering innovation. The present team of 500 world-class engineers is expected to grow to 1,000 over the next two years.

Develop Products and Platforms to cater to next generation market needs driven by global mega trends, including digital consumers, emerging economies, new commerce and healthcare
Create intellectual properties around Infosys Products and Platforms, leveraging technologies in the areas of cloud computing, mobility, analytics, and social media
Pioneer unique approaches to accelerate innovation, enhance product architectures and shorten release cycles

The center has developed industry focused and cross industry offerings such as:

Supply Chain Performance Management Suite, an advanced analytical product suite that provides a single enterprise wide view of the Supply and Demand Chain performance to deliver deeper business insights that enhance collaborative decision-making and shorten cash-to-cash cycle. The product with self-service attributes, comes equipped with industry and function-specific dashboards (e.g. procurement, logistics, inventory) and pre-built business content in the form of Key Performance Indicators, metrics and data models.

Distributor Connect, a highly scalable distributor integration platform for retail and consumer goods businesses that connects multiple business partners and allows them to exchange, cleanse and harmonize raw data using advanced business logic and algorithms. Optimized on a parallel virtualized high-end cloud computing system, the integrated platform enables improved demand forecast, ensures on -time delivery and stock replenishment while reducing non-productive inventory.

Omni-Channel Personalization Engine, a product that enables businesses to enhance shopping experience for digital consumers by creating a close to in-store experience while they browse and shop online. The product utilizes the latest advances in machine learning algorithms, big data analytics and distributed file systems to process massive amounts of data around demographics, social opinion, peer purchase history and co-shopping. This intelligence helps businesses analyze, co-relate and better understand consumer behavior in a digital world and influence suggestive selling to drive business growth.