Infosys BPO signs 3 year contract extension with Farmers New World Life Insurance

September 11, 2011

McCamish Systems, an Infosys BPO company, and a leading BPO provider to the U.S. life and annuity industry, today announced a 3 year extension of its services for Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, a leading American insurance company. This marks the second contract extension since the companies began doing business together. Farmers Life has been outsourcing the call center, policy administration and claims processing activities for its variable universal life and annuity products to McCamish since the year 2000.

“Farmers Life is fortunate to have a relationship with a quality BPO service provider like McCamish Systems,” said Harris Mortensen, AVP & Head of Insurance Operations at Farmers New World Life. “We were new to the variable business eleven years ago, and McCamish helped us build great products and a strong service platform for our customers. Today, our Variable Universal Life and Variable Annuity products help Farmers Life policy holders in building assets as well as protecting them. The support we receive from McCamish is a big part of the overall product and service offering, and it has even enhanced the Farmers Life brand. We look forward to continuing this favorable relationship with McCamish.”

“We are extremely proud of our long-term relationship with Farmers Life. One of our strategic objectives at McCamish is to create partnerships that endure, which is not possible without consistent execution and performance. The fact that Farmers Life has renewed our contract for the second time, demonstrates that we are executing our business model effectively and efficiently,” said Gordon Beckham, CEO, McCamish Systems, an Infosys BPO company. “Eleven years ago, Farmers Life took a leap of faith to become our first retail client. Their commitment to us then and now has been extremely beneficial to our success. The latest contract extension validates the excellent work we have been doing for Farmers Life.”


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