HRO, Strategic Partnership To Model Employee Talent

August 19, 2011

One of the most important things that employees communicate to HR executives is that they want to learn and grow in their job. This translates into exposure. And companies like Infosys are ready to offer that exposure. It might be working with a big client like Microsoft, or a trip to the U.S., but HR departments need to identify talent and reciprocate employee initiatives with novel opportunities.

Human Resource Outsourcing to work, it is vital for HR leaders to have a sharp focus on developing talent and engaging employees. They also need to understand employers who want cross trained staff. Keeping this in mind, the needs of the employee and the employer should work with synergy to drive the organization.

Maheedharan Thiagarajan, Solution Designs chief at Infosys says that HR is not just about managing HR transactions. It is about playing the pivotal role of a strategist and a business associate who has the best interests of the company and employee in mind.

Perhaps the ideal means for HR personnel to implement this strategic partnership is to fine tune talent with a firm, control the rate of attrition, and most importantly model talent. The concept of HRO evolved when Fortune 500 firms realized that they required external help to deal with their HR problems.

These are some of the key areas where HR can play a significant role in outsourcing: The first would be developing global solutions. This means being able to talk to people of various backgrounds, and being able to juggle multiple geographies. This is a priority for most firms. This becomes more complicated when the work assigned is constantly changing.

Talent has never been more important. In fact, the very fabric of outsourcing is intertwined with the most talented staff. This has to be done right. It is common to see employees leave if they are not given sufficient training. This is more true in emerging economies like India, China, Russia and Brazil.

Finally, the following aspects are where employees derive the greatest satisfaction and are considered the essence of HRO: discussions of life events, social media, latest information on the company, classified ads, poll, travel information about employees on the move and collaboration tools, reports OutsourcingBuzz.


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