High skilled IT and BPO jobs are going offshore

November 4, 2008

More and more companies are planning to send high skilled IT jobs like application development, project management to offshore locations. Recently Dallas based ACS announced that they are planning to send high skilled jobs to countries like India, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, and Guatemala. ACS has 35% of its workforce located in offshore and nearshore locations, it is planning to use the cost savings from outsourcing in marketing, sales, new product development etc.

In last month conference call the drug company Pfizer announced that it is planning to send wide varieties of jobs in manufacturing, finance, logistics, facilities, IT, and legal to offshore locations. Pfizer UK branch has been training foreign workers to transfer IT projects, reports The Day news paper.

As the outsource industry matures, vendors are gaining more vertical domain expertise and willing to take high skilled tasks from their customers. As the technology and infrastructure matures, it facilities western companies to mange complex projects executed in different parts of the world. Analysts predict that current global financial crisis will make companies to cut cost and look for cheaper offshore and nearshore locations to transfer high skilled jobs.


One Response to “High skilled IT and BPO jobs are going offshore”

  1. Outsourcing Lookout on November 7th, 2008 2:24 am

    It’s the logical choice. As what Adam Smith theorized, one should concentrate on what he is good at and have others do the others. Same is true in outsourcing. If one is in Finance, it would be more beneficial to outsource the IT work, for example, to another company that can better deliver on the task….Speaking of which, I stumble on http://www.aicomsolutions.com and they look interesting for some outsourcing work. They are on the Top 10 Nearshore Outsourcing

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