Filipino BPO Firm Trains Local Talent For U.S. Healthcare Industry

March 27, 2011

Published reports say that there is a drastic brain drain of healthcare professionals from the Philippines. This is thought to be a gradual occurrence that has happened recently. One BPO firm in the Philippines is determined to put out more healthcare graduates and has created an academy to maintain a good number of healthcare staff in the country.

The company is SPi Global and its parent firm is PLDT group. SPi has started the SPi Healthcare Academy so that opportunity will come to domestic talent in revenue cycle management. This function was once exclusively conducted in the U.S.

SPi Global CEO, Maulik Parekh commented that this would be a first of its kind opportunity to develop local talent in the Philippines.

He said, “This program will create opportunities for the 45,000 healthcare graduates coming out of schools every year,” adding,  “We would like to tap into that marketplace and see if we can make opportunities for them here.”

So far there are fifty trainees in the program. They will go through a coding program and they will be mentored by a U.S. partner. They will also be using a continuing education tool on the web to fine tune their skills in revenue cycle management in healthcare.

The revenue cycle management process includes assisting U.S. doctors to maximize revenues when dealing with insurance firms. These calculations are typically based on procedures like surgeries.

Parekh said, “A lot of times, [doctors] are so busy with their medical appointments that they do not realize they can maximize revenue coming out of such procedures, by simply tweaking the coding used for insurance claims,” reports

Medical coding involves filing insurance forms with insurance companies. When categorized codes are used for specific procedures, the process of reimbursement becomes a lot faster. It is imperative that healthcare workers in this genre have an in depth knowledge of the U.S. health industry.


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  1. Call Center in the Philippines on April 14th, 2011 12:52 am

    This is a great opportunity for Filipinos. Another credit waiting for our Filipino workers.

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