1. Do I need to register to read a Blog?
No you don’t have to register; you can read any blogs without registering with the site.

2. Do I need to register to post a comment?
No you don’t have to register to post a comment. But the site requires your name and email. Your Name will be displayed with your comment and your Email will not be displayed.

3. How can I post my own Blog?
First you need to register; once you registered you will get the password in the email you used in the registration. Once you login to the web site you can create or change your blogs from the Dashboard.

4. What is a Dashboard?
It is a set of administration pages used to mange your blogs and comments.

5. How can I modify my profile or blog?
From the Dashboard you can create, update, or delete your own blogs. You can also change your profile.

6. When I post my blog why is it not showing up when I logged out of the site?
Once you post a blog it will wait in the queue for the moderator to approve it so everyone else can see your blog, until then only you can see it.

7. How can I mange everyone else blogs?
You need to be a moderator to manage and publish other people’s blogs.

8. How can I become a moderator and what are moderator’s role and responsibilities?
As a moderator you can create your own blogs and publish it. You can also mange other people’s blogs and comments.

9. What do I get being a moderator?
You can promote your services and network with like minded people by publishing and moderating blogs about outsourcing. If you have web sites you can have links to your web sites and drive traffic through your blogs.

10. Do I need to give my email to register to this site?
Yes, You have to give your email to register, once you register to this by giving your email, a password will be sent to the email given by you. Using the password you can log into this site and create a user profile.

11. How can I be assured that my email and other information is protected?
We will not share your email or any other information to anyone else, all our data is safe and secure within our hosting company. For more details read the Privacy Policy.

12. How can I contact the administrator of this site?
You can either send email to adminAToutsourceportfolio.com or you can use the contact from to send an email.

12. How do I know about new blogs, news, and articles posted in your site?
You can subscribe our RSS feed about outsource news, blogs, and articles posted in the site. For a detailed information about RSS read the RSS FAQ.