The Face Of RPO Amid Recession

July 5, 2011

The fact of the matter is that finding top-notch talent is an arduous task. Although this is usually the same for most companies, regardless of the state of the economy, the recent global recession has made recruitment even more difficult for most firms. Not only is it harder to find good employees with the right skill, it is also hard to attract them.

Nonetheless, experts agree that technology plays a vital role in finding great talent and has definitely placed ‘a new face on recruitment.’ This is especially true of Internet technology. Specifically, both the Internet and technology have created a very complicated platform form for sourcing A-level talent. In essence, the plethora of online talent resources has made the recruitment industry less consistent in finding a pool of skilled labor. In addition, the widespread nature of unemployment has spread throughout the global market. Moreover, a global hiring freeze has exacerbated the problem.

The current panorama in recruitment process outsourcing is indeed problematic, leaving firms in a ‘labor ice age.’ Many analysts describe companies as being ‘shell-shocked,’ because they do not know what to do. The so-called A level talent is already Internet savvy and they are ‘occupationally mobile.’ There’s no easy way to allure such brilliant talent.

Furthermore, they are well versed with nuances of online resources like job searches on the web. Hence the best means to approach an online workforce is for HR personnel to get on the Net. But that’s only half the story. The A level workforce is constantly networking to obtain the most suitable and the most lucrative job opps. And they move around quickly from one outsourcing project to another.

In reality, an RPO manager  needs to  scout the Internet   to discover great talent . This  might mean  a  number  of  strategies for recruitment. It will  require   capitalizing  on  the  company website, media  and  social networking. print,  traditional means of recruiting like  job  fairs,  and  calls because technology  alone will   able   to source  the best talent available.


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