Egypt To Reel In More Jobs From Outsourcing

January 22, 2011

Recently, Egypt has emerged as a regional hub for outsourcing, especially in IT. By doing this, the country is hoping to create more jobs for its graduates. It is even thinking about restructuring the education system in order to incorporate IT.

Egypt is one of those countries that is badly hit by unemployment. About 50% of the Egyptian population is below 30. Nine of ten Egyptians in the unemployed category fall into this group Egypt is banking on outsourcing to ease the problem, just as many countries in Asia.

In an interview with Arabian Business, CEO of Information Technology Industry Development Agency, Yassser el-Kady said ‘We’re looking at creating more jobs for the newly graduated.’

Egypt To Reel In More Jobs From Outsourcing
The focus for Egypt is not just IT, but education itself.

Intel chief in Egypt, Taha Khalifa, commented that his firm had created a curriculum that may be converted into an Egyptian classroom.

El-Kady says that about 65,000Egyptians are employed in the IT industry, Approximately 50% of them offer domestic services while half of them are employed for outsourced services. A report by Arabian Business said that Egyptian revenue from outsourcing is up 1.1 billion. This figure is target to hit a whopping $3 billion by 2015.

Apart from a job, young Egyptians like Youssef Mustafa feel that outsourcing firms like Cisco are not only willing to give them jobs but to promote them if they stick with the company. Many young Egyptians now feel that they are stuck in a stagnant motherland. Mustafa, who is 26, says that he does not want to stay in Egypt but wants to work in Europe. He also feels that this is unlikely with an Egyptian company, and he is willing to put the hard work at Cisco.

Although China and India are expected to dominate the outsourcing landscape, the space for Egypt to carve a niche for itself is still there.


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