Dalian, China’s Outsourcing Star With Export Revenues Of $1.8 Billion

March 8, 2011

Dalian is a Chinese city and it is one of twenty-one cities in China that is involved in outsourcing. In fact, Dalian is a model outsourcing city with revenues of $1.8 billion exports and sales revenues of $8.1 billion in 2010. This is a whopping 28.6% and 33.75% increase from year ago figures. Incidentally, outsourcing offers 100,000 employees with jobs in Dalian.

Figures for 2010 from the Dalian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau’s statistics reveal number of software and service outsourcing firms tagged at 941. More than that, 56 of these enterprises are listed in the Fortune 500 companies’ roster.

The city government has plans to build a software park in the city that would eventually provide jobs for 200,000 people by the year 2015. The software park will be established in the high tech industrial zone in Dalian. The targeted output at this center is estimated at $15.2 billion. The site also has attracted an investment of $7.6 billion over a period of the next five years.

Dalian currently caters to BPO, KPO and ITO markets. Out of ten of the world’s leading top vendors for information technology outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing, six have already established themselves in Dalian. Apart from this, there are additional businesses emerging. For instance, insurance and finance firms, Internet, digital trade, industrial design and animation, etc.

Dalian imported eighty percent of the Japanese market in service outsourcing and the city continues to target the country as a main source of revenue. However, new enterprises in outsourcing are targeting North American and European markets for opportunities surfacing after the recession.

Analysts say that government of Dalian’s government is to thank for the significant presence of IT talent training to feed the upcoming industry. In fact, Dalian was funded with $4.7 million last year, reports china-briefing.com


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