‘Cloud Computing Overhyped,’ Say PHP Developers

November 15, 2010

According to published reports, php developers are looking at cloud computing as part of the future and feel that at the present time it is vendor-driven and hyped up.

Currently, tech vendors are in the process of promoting cloud computing, but developers had mixed reviews. Developers attending the Santa Clara, California-based ZendCon 2010 php conference listened to Andi Gutmans, CEO of Zend Technologies talk about Zend’s plans for computing plans. One of those plans includes the development of Zend php cloud platform.

However, when Gutmans raised a question about cloud – whether it is a significant shift in the industry or hype – developers expressed their dissatisfaction with cloud. A developer for Tapulous, Phillip Winn, said that currently the product is driven by vendors and will only have relevance about ten to fifteen years from now.

He added that he does not see much value in cloud and that he does not have a strong opinion on it. He continued to speak of an ex-employer who felt cloud would slash costs and employee headcount. But, in eventuality, it did not deliver the kind of results they anticipated, said Winn.

Meanwhile, Aduci founder, Chuck Hudson said about cloud computing that it has been a product encircled by much hype in the industry. However, Hudson said there is some potential to take advantage of cloud. This could be accomplished with developers creating systems at a rapid pace and enterprises saving on maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Hudson noted that instead of looking at cloud computing as a threat to jobs, it can be viewed as an opportunity for IT people to expand their ideas. He defined it as retooling the tool set because there is a chance for individuals at their current positions to figure out new technology that might lead to new application, reports Infoworld.


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