Cloud computing in India

June 28, 2010

The IT world is abuzz with the possibilities opened up by cloud computing. Surprisingly however in IT powerhouse India the buzz is missing. There is a $1 billion worth of opportunity waiting to be tapped into but Indian firms are yet to bite. It seems to be a case of partly not wanting to change status quo and partly apprehensions regarding the safety of keeping confidential data on the net. Moreover with the bandwidth issue still on the path of resolution the firms are as of now not inclined to bite the bullet.

This is a pity really because India has the potential to be the global headquarters of cloud computing. Look at the facts. India has 1.4 million developers, over 11000 system integrators and more than 1300 independent software vendors. In the next 5 years India could see the creation of 300,000 jobs in the cloud computing sector. This augurs well as the global cloud computing market is expected to touch a global turnover of $70 by 2015!

Training Institutes like NIIT are doing their bit by facilitating the training of over 100,000 students on Windows Azure over the next three years. The future of cloud computing of course revolves around three essentials-Services, Platforms and Eco-Systems. Effective cloud platforms support a range of capabilities from multiple parties in a synchronized fashion. Industry experts predict that not only will India see a huge increase in adoption of cloud computing but will invariably become the global hub that aids the global transition of IT companies to cloud computing.

Right steps in this direction have been taken by way of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore coming up with a large scale application on Windows Azure to research the basic resource allocation constructs and strategies required for addressing enterprise needs vis-à-vis cloud computing, as also the 4000 applications that have already been built on the Windows Azure platform in India.

The reason why the world may sit up and take notice of India’s immense potential to be a cloud computing is the country’s unique demographics. India has not yet reached saturation point, and there is ample leeway for IT adoption, be it by way of enterprise, the private or the ITES sectors. Moreover no other region in the world can provide the platform vendor access to the ecosystem, A to Z. And then there is the immense SME sector which can now be profitable tapped into courtesy cloud computing.

 All in all cloud computing is an enormous success story waiting to be scripted in India, and fortunately one is beginning to hear the early rumblings of a giant movement. A country of billion plus people with amazing diversity and skills has mind boggling potential. The cloud computing revolution should begin anytime. In the meantime it is a good idea to be a part of the preparation for the future and companies and institutions that have realized this and have made the necessary moves will get the pioneer’s advantage.

Cloud computing time has come, and things should get interesting here onward.


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