China’s Ma’anshan City To Host Global Outsourcing Summit In May

May 30, 2011

According to, Ma’anshan city in Anhui province will be the host of the fourth Global Outsourcing Summit. It will be held in the city from May 21-23.

This event is co-hosted by the government of the host country, in this case China, and the Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO). It has the unique function of bringing together resources in global outsourcing and the very best names in the field. It also looks into the common practices used in the industry and the legal aspects of outsourcing around the world. Moreover, it is a forum for developing regional integration of outsourcing as a whole.

The GOS is also a vital tool for presenting a unified global marketing platform. It also facilitates the establishment of outsourcing centers, distribution centers and places for taking orders.

Some of the participants at this conference include political leaders across the world, CEOs, presidents, chairmen of board, and managers assigned to outsourcing work from Fortune 500 companies. Apart from that list of top rated firms, Forbes Global 2000 companies and other leading companies from around the world, experts in the industry and enterprise leaders in outsourcing.

So far, over 170 foreign delegates have signed up for the event. The fourth GOS conference will present the theme, “International outsourcing-new engine of world economic development, new force of Chinese city transformation.” This will include a closer look at recent outsourcing phenomena, obstacles that need to be resolved to stimulate outsourcing practices, the outsourcing liaison relationship between governments and their companies along with encourage the right global climate for outsourcing and its development.

Sources cite that the city of Ma’anshan has about 60 companies that are engaged in outsourcing, providing jobs for as many as six thousand workers. With the GOS conference attracting large number of overseas businesses, that figure is expected to climb.


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