Outsource News
November 17, 2008

Nov 23, 2012How will Obama’s re-election affect manufacturing?

Nov 8, 2012 Capgemini will be a mainly offshore based supplier by 2015

Nov 2, 2012 How the Presidential Election Will Impact IT Outsourcing

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BPO News
November 17, 2008

Nov 22, 2012 Bulking up the economy

Nov 13, 2012 Healthcare BPO seen to rake in $1B in revenues by 2016

Nov 13, 2012 IT-BPO sector set to grow 11% in 2012-13: Nasscom

Nov 4, 2012 India’s Outsourcing Firms Must Boost Moralec

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Featured News
November 17, 2008

Nov 16 2012
Reshoring IT jobs in the U.S. vs. offshore outsourcing: Readers’ take

Nov 16 2012 IT Robots May Mean the End of Offshore Outsourcing

Nov 14 2012 Would you offshore your IT to China?

Nov 12 2012 Should I outsource my IT onshore, nearshore or offshore?

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TCS Wins Technology Innovation Award From WSJ For mKrishi
October 1, 2008

Indian based TCS said it has won the US publication Wall Street Journal’s global innovation technology award in the wireless technology category for 2008. Wall Street Journal has selected the company’s ‘mKrishi’ service, which offers mobile-based crop advisory service, as the winner of the award, a company release said. The award recognizes companies, individuals and organizations across the world for technological breakthroughs in areas such as medicine, software, internet, wireless and consumer electronics. TCS’ mobile-based crop advisory service, mKrishi, is a novel approach to help rural farmers across the country to have better access to information through a cell phone application. It has been developed to provide personalized information and expert advice to rural farmers in their local language using sensor technology.

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