Outsourcing Benefits Both Service Providers And Buyers
June 13, 2010

Outsourcing has become a phenomenon of the present and it is popular among those offering services and the firms that are buying services from outsourcing locations. Read more

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Arkansas politicians debate India and the question: What is outsourcing?
June 9, 2010

In a close Senate primary election in the home state of Bill Clinton and Walmart, two politicians are debating India and the question: What is outsourcing? Of course the answer naturally depends upon which politician you are: Sen. Blanche Lincoln or Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Read more

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More political grandstanding: Senator Charles Schumer proposes an offshore call center tax
June 6, 2010

Recently, it was reported that Democratic Senator Charles Schumer from New York would introduce a bill that would force companies to inform customers when their calls are transferred outside the United States and then charge companies a tax for those calls transferred offshore. The proposed bill would impose a tax of $0.25 per off shored call (there would be no fee for using a domestic call center) and consumers would also need to be informed what country their call was being transferred to. Companies would also be required to certify to the Federal Trade Commission annually that they are in compliance with the requirement or they would face (unspecified) penalties. Read more

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IT Outsourcing To Do Poorly In Comparison To Other Sectors- Forrester Research
June 5, 2010

According to Forrester Research, IT outsourcing, consulting and deployment are bound to decrease in the wake of the recession, though the industry has been growing steadily like other industries. Read more

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Can companies outsource product development for innovation?
June 4, 2010

In April 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review I read an interesting news about outsourcing product development and innovation. It was mentioned that companies cannot benefit outsourcing product development if it is too simple or too complex, companies can benefit if the product development is moderately complex. I could not find the entire article published in Acemadey of Management review. But I do not agree the notation that companies benefit from outsourcing only moderately complex product development for two main reasons: Read more

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Factories Rethinking Outsourcing Strategies To Bring Manufacturing Back Home
May 29, 2010

With so many jobs being outsourced overseas, there is a rethinking in the U.S. that more jobs should go to American factories. In the last six years, about 6 million jobs have been shipped abroad with most of it going to China and India, as the cost of labor is cheap there. Read more

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American vs. Indian IT professionals: Who is more employable?
May 27, 2010

James Maguire has recently written an interesting blog post where he first acknowledged the continued American dominance of technology but then he proceeded to note just how beleaguered the American IT professional is in the face of a brutal recession, stagnant wages, H1B visa holders who work for less and a growing trend towards outsourcing IT work to IT professionals in emerging markets. Maguire then noted the stereotype that American IT professionals have not kept up with the global competition and worst, they have been educated in a dysfunctional school system and are distracted by an indulgent American lifestyle. Read more

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Outsourcing Strategies – Not One-Way Business Solution
May 21, 2010

It might be a foregone conclusion is that outsourcing is in vogue for businesses wanting to move up in a complicated corporate world. But there are many proponents of outsourcing who say that it does not mean there’s one site fits all kind of a policy when it comes to spinning off projects to faraway destinations. Read more

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Healthcare reform law’s big winner: Indian outsourcers
May 20, 2010

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed H.R. 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or simply known by some as “Obamacare,” into law with the first provisions taking effect on June 21, 2010 (90 days after enactment) – giving plenty time for politicians and other major stakeholders, including outsourcers, to actually read and attempt to understand the new law. And while it remains to be seen whether or not the health care and insurance industries, employers and the American people themselves will actually benefit or be hurt by all of the provisions in it, one group that clearly stands to gain are Indian outsourcers. Read more

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Google Mail, An Example of Cloud Computing
May 16, 2010

If you think back to the time when you actually took pictures with print film, you’ll realize that we have come a long way from the 1980’s. Or even if you consider that most people now post on Facebook and Twitter and are connected socially with their friends, these tools are now integrated closely with our personal lives. You Tube is another example of one such tool. Read more

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